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I am an interdisciplinary urban studies scholar, working on the governance of everyday insecurity and uncertainty in rapidly urbanising post-colonial contexts. My PhD titled 'Enclaves as process: space, security and violence in Karachi, Pakistan' (2015) ethnographically studied social and spatial practices of governing everyday insecurity in a polarised Pakistani megacity. My ongoing research on insecurity and urban life in Pakistan has contributed to critical debates in urban sociology, criminology, and security studies. In the past 7 years, aspects of this research have been published in leading journals (Public Culture, South Asian History and Culture, Security Dialogue, The Geographical Journal), respected design publications (Harvard Design Magazine), impactful working papers and reports (Urban Uncertainty, LSE; Cities in Fragile States, DESTIN), book chapters (Columbia University Press, Routledge), Podcasts (Urban Political Podcast at Humboldt University, and Between the Lines at IDS Sussex), agenda-setting research seminars (IDS Sussex, Cambridge university) and blogs (Society and Space Forum). I am strongly committed to promoting and enabling social justice through academic research. To this end, I have recently completed a REC-GCRF funded action-research project titled ‘Uncertainty & Insecurity of Tenure: Developing Infrastructures of Care and Resistance in Islamabad, Pakistan’ (£34,172). This action-research project responded to the violent state-led eviction of working-class communities living in katchi abadis (irregular settlements) in Islamabad, the heavily-securitised Pakistani capital. It built and strengthened networks between marginal urban residents, social activists, and wider urban communities, while developing a counter narrative to state-led discourses of irregular settlement dwellers and their places of residence as ‘illegal’ and/or 'criminal'.


  • PhD Newcastle University, (2015)


University of Essex

  • Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Essex (1/9/2021 - present)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Research Interests

Key words: Cities and society, Geographies of fear and insecurity, Politics of security, Governing urban crime, Criminalisation, Ordinary uncertainty, Social and spatial Inequalities, Urban Violence, Urban infrastructures, Enclaves and Enclavisation, Urban ethnography, Postcolonial and southern theories and contexts.
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Journal articles (5)

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Book chapters (3)

Ahmad Kaker, S., (2024). How to do social research with... Infrastructure. In: How To Do Social Research With.... Editors: Coleman, R., Jungnickel, K. and Puwar, N., . Goldsmiths Press. 151- 162. 1913380424. 9781913380427

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Reports and Papers (4)

Ahmad Kaker, S., Turi, S-H. and Rashid, A., (2021). Right to Housing: A Toolkit for Action

Ahmad Kaker, S., Zeiderman, A., Silver, J., Wood, A. and Ramakrishnan, K., (2017). Urban Uncertainty: governing cities in turbulent times

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Ahmad Kaker, S., Gazdar, H. and Khan, I., (2010). Buffer Zone, Colonial Enclave or Urban Hub? Quetta: Between four regions and two wars.

Media (1)

Sterling, A. and Kaker, S., Podcast: Andy Sterling (STEPS) in conversation with Sobia Kaker on COVID-19, Uncertainty and development (Sussex Development Lectures 2020/2021). Video

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