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How to apply

The application portal for studying abroad in 2019-20 is open from 1st of December 2018 and will close on 31 January 2019 at 11:59pm. You will receive an email with a link to the application portal on 1st December 2018. Late applications won't be accepted.

If you would like to study abroad for one term, please email us to request a link to the portal.





Eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible for a year/term abroad you will need to meet the following criteria:

Minimum of 50% average 1st year mark

Study Abroad places are competitively allocated based on your 1st year mark and you will need to obtain at least 50% average 1st year mark in order to be eligible for Study Abroad programme. The higher the mark, the higher is your chance to go to your preferred destination and University.

You are allowed to carry maximum of 30 credit non-core fails 

You are not allowed to fail a core module in your first or second year.

If you fail up to a maximum of 30 credits non-core module(s) in your second year, there are several options for you.

  • If you fail your course-work, you will be allowed to undertake your re-assessment during the summer period.
  • If you fail your exam and your period of studies commences after the re-sit period (usually at the beginning of September), you will need to take your re-sits at Essex before going abroad.
  • If you fail your exam and your period of studies commences before the re-sit period (usually at the beginning of September), you may be allowed to defer your re-assessment (exam) until you come back from you year abroad (usually in September after completion of your year abroad). You may be also allowed to take your exam at a British Council exam centre

Read the rules of assessment for more information and come to speak to Essex Abroad office if you have any questions about this.

No serious academic and disciplinary offences (in both 1st and 2nd Year)

If you have been committed of an academic offence such as plagiarism or false authorship, this could affect the progression of your studies and therefore impede your ability to study abroad. Committing a disciplinary offence can also affect your right to undertake a period of study abroad or affect the countries in which you are permitted to study. You may be prohibited from studying abroad if you have been convicted of a serious offence such as:

  • Conviction of a criminal offence
  • Using, selling or possessing within the University any controlled drug
  • Exhibiting threatening, intimidating or violent behaviour

Essex Abroad will liaise with the University of Essex Proctor with regards to offences which have been committed.

Please refer to the Code of Student Conduct for more information and speak to Essex Abroad regarding any restrictions that may be imposed on you.

Attendance at the pre-departure conference (during your 2nd year)

Pre-departure conference is where you get to meet your fellow study abroad students, learn about what final preparations you should consider before going abroad, learn about insurance, how to stay healthy and safe as well as about additional topics you may not yet have considered.

Many sessions are delivered by our returning students who will share their top tips with you. The pre-departure conference is for 2nd year students who are going abroad in their 3rd year. We'll be confirming the date with you soon.


Language requirements

Although a small number of study abroad destinations require knowledge of another language, the majority don't. If you're studying a modern languages degree then you will have to take classes in local languages. This may also be a requirement for students of European studies or Latin American studies. You can check your language requirements with your departmental Study Abroad Officer or your language coordinator in the Department of Languages and Linguistics.

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