Support for students with diabetes

Clinical care

It is important that you register with the GP on campus. They can access your old notes and will be able to provide regular care and support to you whilst you are at University.

The GP and nurses on campus work closely with the Northeast Essex Diabetes (NEEDS) team and run a monthly joint clinic on campus. The NEEDS team can help you access sensors, CGM, pumps and other devices. If you wish to retain contact with your current diabetes service, we are also able to liaise between services.

As standard we aim to see all patients with diabetes every 6 months for a medical review and then once a year for a full examination including blood tests, foot check, blood pressure and weight. This is all done at the surgery. You will be called for eye checks in the local eye clinic once you are registered.

Once registered with the surgery, we use SMS to invite you to clinics/support groups and routine appointments, please consent to allow SMS when you register.

Staff with specialist diabetes training:

  • Dr Emily Foster - GP
  • Carol Richards - Advanced nurse practitioner
  • June Scofield - Advanced Nurse practitioner
  • Rosie Taveira - GP Assistant

The NHS app

This is very useful app which allows you to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, see results, view your medical records and communicate with the surgery. Please download this onto your phones.


Once you are registered with the GP surgery on campus you will be able to get your prescriptions from us. The GP surgery can issue prescriptions which are sent electronically to a pharmacy of your choice. This includes any pharmacy in the UK so that when you are away from Colchester you can still have prescriptions sent to a pharmacy near you. You can order prescriptions via email to our surgery on or via the NHSAPP
The local pharmacy will also delivery the medicine to the Students Union. You then go to students’ union with your ID and can collect (and pay for if necessary) prescriptions directly. Or you can find another pharmacy here: ‘Find out where to collect your prescription’ 

Permission to have a fridge in your room 

If you are on insulin, we would encourage you to request to have a small fridge in your on campus accommodation room. Rather than storing insulin in communal kitchen fridges. Please email with your request. 

You will need to provide evidence that your medication needs to be stored in a refrigerator. If your request is approved, the accommodation team will arrange for a fridge to be provided in your room. 

Exams support

If you require any adjustments to manage your diabetes during an exam, including if you have a sensor and use your mobile phone to monitor glucose levels, please contact Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service (SWIS) to discuss individual exam arrangements by emailing Please contact the surgery to get a letter to send to SWIS. 

Diabetes peer support group

Diabetes can be difficult to manage at university. It can sometimes feel isolating and stressful to have health matters to remember alongside everything else.

We run a monthly peer support group at the Health Centre on our Colchester Campus. You can get a free lunch and meet other students with diabetes to share knowledge and experiences. We will sometimes invite professionals to talk about specific aspects of diabetes such as pump use, CGM, alcohol use, and sport.

Students with diabetes who attend all six peer support lunches can earn up to £25 in cash. The events will take place at midday on:

  • 15 March 2024 taking place in the Lakeview Room (Silberrad Student Centre)
  • 12 April 2024
  • 17 May 2024

Please contact Gijsbert Stoet ( if you would like to be on the mailing list for students with diabetes or if you have further questions about these events.

The University also has a Hidden Disabilities Society where you can meet students with similar experiences.

Tell people you have diabetes

Some students feel hesitant to tell others about their diabetes. We recommend, however, that you tell those with whom your regularly interact about your condition. We recommend that you especially inform your flatmates as well as your personal tutor. If you have questions about what and how to best tell others, please come to our support group meetings to discuss.

Support available

  • The Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service can also provide you with support, advice and guidance and help you make the most of your time at university. You can contact us directly at and we can inform you about all the available support appropriate to you.
  • Space in Diabetes from Depression and Anxiety on SilverCloud can help you explore the emotional impact that diabetes might have on your life and how managing your diabetes can influence your wellbeing.
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