Your timetable

Timetables are subject to changes and will be updated on a regular basis. Please check regularly to ensure you have the correct current information. There are likely to be continuing room changes throughout the year.

If you have any problems working out your timetable or any queries about optional modules, please contact your department directly.

2023-24 timetables

Essex is a campus-based university and we expect you to join us on our campuses for the start of term.  

The 2023-24 timetables were published:

  • departmental timetable: Friday 1 September 2023 - the timetable for each module, including the day and time of groups.
  • personal timetables: Tuesday 5 September 2023 - your timetable of teaching events for the modules you are enrolled on and which module class you’re assigned to.

Your personal timetable

Your personal timetable shows you the teaching events for the modules you are enrolled on and which module class you’re assigned to.

There are a few different ways you can access your timetable:

January 2024 starters

Your timetable will be available once you have your student account, and you will be assigned teaching events once you choose your optional modules.

If you're an East 15 student, your timetable is managed differently due to the bespoke nature of the teaching.

Online and campus teaching events

Some teaching events are set up for both online and on campus events and your personal timetable will show both a room number and zoom code link. You are expected to attend the teaching event on campus.

If a teaching event is online only, then only the Zoom code will be shown on your timetable.

Back-to-back online and on campus teaching

Teaching events are scheduled on the hour, although all teaching should end at least ten minutes before the hour, as this allows time for breaks and to travel between teaching events whether they are on campus or are being held online.

If you have back to back on-campus and online teaching events, you can either book study space so you have somewhere to go for your online teaching or you can locate a space on campus in areas such as the library or Silberrad.  

Missing or incorrect information in your timetable

If you can't see all of your teaching events, you can access some of your teaching in your own time, so these won’t show on your timetable. You can check your module outlines on Moodle to find out how they are being delivered.

You can check your departmental timetable to check that all the modules you are enrolled on are showing on your personal timetable. If you have any missing teaching on your timetable and the teaching event is in less than a week, please let your department know.

It can take up to 72 hours for any optional modules to show on your timetable once you’ve confirmed your choice in eNROL.

Module/course changes

If you've changed modules/courses and your timetable is still showing the old modules, it can take up to 72 hours for the new modules to show on your timetable. The system updates at 10pm in the evening.

Timetable clashes

You can report timetable clashes through your online timetable. At the bottom of your online timetable click the ‘Report a Timetable Problem’ button, which takes you to an online form to report your clash.

We’ll review your timetable and, if we can, make changes to remove the clash. If we are unable to resolve the clash, we’ll forward your query to your academic department to review and give you guidance on how best to proceed. This may mean choosing an alternative module or your department may give you guidance on how to make up any missed teaching events due to the clash.

Problems logging in to your timetable

If you are having problems with your email log in, you can find out more from IT services. If you are still having problems logging on, please forward a screen print of any error messages you can see to

Courses with teaching in the summer term vacation period

Your Department or School will have told you if this affects your programme. If you have face-to-face teaching scheduled but are unable to attend, or you want to know how to access online teaching, please contact your department directly.


Exam timetables are published separately to your teaching timetable. Find out more about exams.

Department timetables

Your departmental timetable provides information for all modules and the times, days and weeks that associated teaching events are scheduled. You can use this timetable to see when teaching is scheduled while you are waiting for your personal timetable to be updated.

Changing class groups

You can check your department timetable to find out if there’s alternative group you can attend.

You can request to change class groups through your online timetable. At the bottom of your online timetable click the ‘Request Class Change’ button, which takes you to an online form to report your clash. Then follow the instruction to make the class change request and confirm the reason why you need to make this change.

Your academic department approves your class change request and, if there is capacity in your preferred teaching group, we can change your allocated class group.

The deadline for class change requests for the academic year 2023-24 is Thursday, 2 May 2024

Online teaching

We will provide you with Zoom links in your University Outlook Calendar and your personal timetable 48 hours (minimum) before your online teaching event. If the Zoom link isn’t showing within 24 hours of the event please contact your department. The Zoom link will be different for every event.

If your Zoom link isn't working, make sure when you join the meeting or webinar you use 'single sign on' (SSO). This is so that Zoom recognises you as an Essex student.

The Zoom links and timetable data are subject to change until 10.30pm on the day before the event is scheduled. We do not recommend distribution of the Zoom links until this time-window is reached.

Find out more about Zoom meetings and webinars.

Study spaces on campus

If you find you don't have much time between your on-campus and online teaching events, you can use one of the personal study spaces which you can book to work from.

Terms and vacations

The University week-by-week calendar shows the timetable week numbers and corresponding dates. It also gives an overview of the dates for the autumn, spring and summer terms, vacation periods, bank holidays in England and welcome week. 


Timetabling policy

The Timetabling and Room Booking Team aims to produce an equitable and workable timetable, designed to meet defined constraints, including optionality within courses, and the availability of appropriate teaching rooms and facilities.

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