Module enrolment, dates and deadlines

Module enrolment opens 20 May at 9.00am.

Most courses allow you to select optional modules during each year of study. The process is called Module Enrolment and you use the online system called eNROL to review and select the optional modules available on the course. eNROL is personalised to display the modules available to you on your year of study and course.

You should select optional modules as soon as possible so that you:

  • are prepared for the first week of term
  • know which modules to attend and where the lectures and classes are held
  • receive up-to-date timetable information and we can ensure that your chosen modules do not clash on the timetable where feasible
  • can look at the content of the modules in advance.

Returning students

If you're a returning student you should complete Module Enrolment by end of July prior to the start of the next academic year. Early selection of modules is critical to enable the University to identify and reduce timetable clashes over the summer. Module selections can be changed up until the eNROL system closes.

While you are able to select your modules for your next academic year of study, this is still dependent upon successful completion of your current year of study following the Board of Examiners meeting. If you are unable to progress to your next year of study, you may not be able to undertake the modules selected, but may need to undertake relevant modules/reassessment as per the outcomes offered by the Board of Examiners.

New students

If you're a new student you'll be able to access the eNROL system once your place has been confirmed. This usually takes about a week.

You will need your Essex IT account details before you are able to log in to eNROL. Typically, new students will have access to eNROL over the summer months and in the run up to your arrival date. You will receive further instructions by email on how to access your IT account and log in to eNROL before you start your course.

If you studied with one of our partner institutions or the University of Essex International College during the most recent Academic Year, you will need to wait until the 30th of September before accessing the eNROL system.

You should choose all your optional modules before the start of the academic year.

    eNROL deadlines

    • eNROL will close for 2024-2025 module selections and Autumn and Full Year module changes at 8:59am BST on Monday 21 October 2024.
    • eNROL will reopen for 2024-2025 Spring and Summer module changes between 4 November 2024 and 8:59am BST on Monday 27 January 2025.

    Help completing module enrolment

    If you have queries about what modules to choose, or any general queries about your modules or programme of study, contact or visit your departmental office. If you have any queries about using eNROL or about any technical issue, please email Please provide your course title in full, your department and what year you are in.

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