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Exams and coursework

This exams and coursework information is for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students.

Alternative assessment during the COVID-19 outbreak

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 we have agreed alternative methods of assessment to replace our standard campus-based exams. Find out everything you need to know about the alternative assessment arrangements.


Exam dates and timetables

Find out when upcoming exams are taking place.

Exam results schedule

Find out when exams results are scheduled to be published.

External exam candidates

The University of Essex provides invigilation services for students registered with other universities.

Resit examinations

Find out about exam resits including fees.

Contact the Exams Office

Contact us for enquiries about centralised exams including exam timetables, locations, papers and individual exam needs.

Late submission of coursework

Late submission of coursework

Find out about late submission of coursework

Making a late submission request

Find out about making a late submission request

Extenuating circumstances

About extenuating circumstances

Find out what extenuating circumstances are and about the policy regulations.

Making an extenuating circumstances claim

Details of what you need to do and when in order to apply for extenuating circumstances.

Evaluating your extenuating circumstances

Find out how your extenuating circumstances application is processed and assessed.

Appealing an assessment result (academic appeals)

About academic appeals

Academic Appeals allow you to formally request for the decision of the Board of Examiners to be reconsidered because of special circumstances.

Submitting an academic appeal

What you need to know if you're considering submitting an academic appeal.

How your academic appeal is processed

Find out what happens after you've submitted your academic appeal.

Your options after an academic appeal outcome

Find out what options are available to you if you're unhappy with your appeal outcome.

Academic offences

What is an academic offence?

An academic offence is an attempt to gain an unfair advantage in any formal assessment, such as coursework and exams.

How to avoid an academic offence

You can commit an offence even if you have no intention of cheating, so you must be vigilant when submitting work for assessment.

If you're suspected of committing an academic offence

Guidance on what to do if you're accused of committing an academic offence.

Academic offences appeals

The process you need to follow if you wish to appeal against an academic offence penalty.