Pregnancy and your studies

If you are pregnant, you are protected under the Equality Act 2010 and are encouraged to contact your department or the accessibility team via the Student Services Hub. They can talk through a variety of issues including; arrangements for maternity-related absence, financial implications, visa implications and emotional support.

First point of contact and risk assessment

The person that you see for advice in either your department or SWIS will become your ‘first point of contact’ within the University and they will stay in touch during pregnancy and maternity. They will need to complete a Pregnancy and maternity support plan with you and arrange for your department to complete a Risk Assessment.

Extenuating circumstances

If you feel that you have not performed well in your exams and/or coursework due to your pregnancy, then you can submit an extenuating circumstances claim which will be considered by the Board of Examiners. Information on extenuating circumstances can be found on the links below:


Depending on what stage you are at in both your pregnancy and your course, you may want/need to consider taking some time out (known as intermitting) from your studies and returning once the baby is born. You may also wish to speak to:

  • your doctor or midwife
  • your Department to discuss intermitting and any adjustments that can be made to allow you to continue with your studies. Please note that on some courses which are highly physical or involve hazardous activities, it may not be possible (for the health of both parent and baby) to continue with the course past a certain stage of pregnancy

If you decide to intermit from your studies you should be aware that this will affect your student funding. Intermitting students continue to be treated as full-time students for Council Tax purposes so you will not have to pay any Council Tax whilst you are intermitting (though if you live with non-students the household may still be liable).

After the baby is born

The parent and baby room 5A.223 is available at Colchester Campus, where you can feed, change or express in private. You will need to collect a key fob to enter from the Security and Safety Centre on Square 3. If you require these facilities at the Loughton or Southend Campus, please contact the Student Services Hub in the first instance.

Wivenhoe Park Day Nursery - if you are studying at Colchester Campus, you may wish to consider childcare on campus when you return to study.

Two woman talking at a helpdesk
Need help?

If you need any further help and advice, please contact or visit the Student Services Hub who will be happy to assist you.