Postgraduate mentoring

Postgraduate mentoring gives you the opportunity and discuss issues about living and studying as a postgraduate at Essex with current, more experienced, postgraduate students.

The first few weeks may be the time when you have the most questions and may benefit from the opportunity of talking with a mentor. It's also likely that you'll have questions as you approach the different stages of your studies.

Finding a mentor

Our mentors are postgraduate research students or students in the second year of their Masters. They take part in the scheme on a voluntary basis. 

To find a mentor, contact your Department Peer Mentor Coordinator at any point during your studies.


The scheme has the flexibility to accommodate the different stages and challenges of postgraduate study. A mentor could support you in different ways by:

  • providing practical information about living in Colchester and on campus
  • giving you an insight into postgraduate study and what will be expected of you at each stage of your studies
  • discussing issues in the first few weeks of your studies
  • discussing issues that are particularly relevant to your department
  • talking about the particular demands of your stage of study eg writing your Masters dissertation
  • preparing for supervisory boards, moving into your completion year
  • advising you about other services that are available to support your studies
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Contact us
Departmental Peer Mentor Coordinators For all queries about getting or being a peer mentor.
Student Experience Team If your department doesn't have a coordinator, contact us for advice.