Report unsafe behaviour

Help keep our campuses safe by reporting someone's unsafe behaviour and hazards.

What you can do

Think about your own safety first. Without endangering yourself or the individual concerned, you can raise it directly. If you do this please also report the incident (see below) as this will assist in preventing a similar incident happening again.

It is not a problem if you do not feel comfortable with a direct approach. You can also report the incident. Please do this as soon as possible and give as much information as possible (including photographs is also useful) to help with identification.

Reporting contractor behaviour

Unsafe behaviour by contractors (or Estate Management staff) should be reported to your campus's estate or facilities helpdesk. This includes incidents such as unsafe use of vehicles on campus, premises hazards/faults (damage, spills) and damage to anything provided for fire safety.


Reporting staff member behaviour

Please report unsafe behaviour or fire safety concerns to their manager or department (if known) or to the Health and Safety Advisory Service (see below). 

Unsafe behaviour by Estate Management staff should be reported to your campus's estate or facilities helpdesk (see contractor information above). 

Reporting student behaviour

Depending on the location or activity, you can report unsafe behaviour or hazards:

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Contact  us
Health and Safety Advisory Service
Telephone: 01206 872944
Fire safety