Engagement with your studies and attendance

Your engagement and progress

Viewing your engagement and attendance on LEAP

We monitor your engagement with your studies and your attendance as displayed on your LEAP (Learner Engagement Activity Portal) record.

How and why we monitor your engagement

We monitor your engagement so we can identify where you might need guidance or support.

How we can support your engagement

Find out what action may be taken to support you if you’re struggling to engage with your studies.

Recording your attendance

Recording your online attendance

How your attendance will be recorded for your online Zoom events.

Recording your face-to-face attendance

We monitor your attendance at teaching sessions using your student card and an electronic recording system called Count-Me-In.

Using your card to record face-to-face attendance

Find out about the key points to note when using your card to record your attendance.

Forgotten or lost student cards

What you need to know about your attendance if you've forgotten or lost your card.

Faulty cards or card readers

What to do if you think your card is faulty or if a reader in the room isn't working.

Reporting your absence

Report an absence

If you have missed or will miss one or more teaching events or tests, you must report your absence in your My Essex portal.

Periods of extended absence from teaching

Find out what you need to do if you're away from teaching events for more than ten days.

Jury service

Find out what you need to do if you're summoned for jury service.

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