How we can support your engagement

If your engagement is lower than expected your department may contact you to offer advice and support as outlined in the Student Engagement Policy (.pdf).

Your department will be regularly monitoring your engagement throughout the academic year, but particularly during the Autumn Term. We will contact you to ask how you are, how you are finding your studies, and to offer various University resources and services that may benefit you. If your engagement is still lower than expected by December of the Autumn Term, your department will make a referral to the Student Progress Team who will contact you to discuss your engagement and to offer further routes to solution and support.

If you struggle to improve your engagement by March of the Spring Term, the Student Progress Team will support you to make an informed decision about your academic progression by discussing the relevant options available to you.

If you are struggling to engage with your studies

Your Personal Tutor, Module Leader, Course Director, teaching staff or Department Professional Services staff are available for you to discuss your worries. They will be able to offer advice and guidance on the University resources and services available to you such as:

  • Skills for Success offers help with academic skills, English language, maths, statistics and digital skills. You can find out more by contacting the Student Services Hub or visiting our academic skills pages
  • Wellbeing support and other services are accessible through the Student Services Hub
  • The Student Progress Team can be contacted by email at and can advise on student engagement, progress, LEAP and attendance related queries
  • SU Advice from the Students' Union can also help you to understand your options and the services available to you

Your immigration status

If you are sponsored by the University, either under Tier 4 or the new Student Route (from 01/01/2021), you must ensure that you engage fully with your studies. As an immigration sponsor, the University is required to monitor your attendance and engagement throughout your course. This includes, attending online and in person teaching, meeting with your supervisor (PhD/Masters), attending exams and work placements as well as submitting coursework.

Please ensure you contact your department if you aren’t able to engage or attend during your course and request authorised absence if appropriate. Our International Services team will contact you if you aren’t engaging to discuss this with you, it’s important that you respond promptly.

Please be aware that failure to engage and attend could mean that we have to withdraw our immigration sponsorship and your Tier 4/Student visa would be cancelled by the Home Office.

Read our immigration pages for more information about your responsibilities.

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