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Concerns about your progress

The main methods used to determine your engagement are:

  • your attendance at teaching events
  • your completion of coursework
  • any other assessed work for your programme of study.

 As appropriate, departments will take into account your overall engagement with University resources (Faser, Moodle and Listen Again usage and University computer logins). All of the above are monitored throughout the academic year.

Poor attendance or engagement 

Poor attendance and engagement is when you fail to:

  • attend a number of lectures, seminars or other teaching events, without notifying your department/school of the reason for your absence (known as an unauthorised absence)
  • engage with other activity related to your study, including use of Moodle,Listen Again and University computer logins
  • submit coursework or other assessed work which may affect your ability to progress into the next stage of your programme

What happens if you don’t attend or engage in your studies

If your engagement in your studies causes concern the Progress Procedures (.pdf) are triggered and we'll contact you to offer you support and advice. The Progress Procedures apply to all students studying on undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes.

You'll be initially contacted,  by your usually by email, by your Personal Tutor or equivalent and then by the Departmental Progress Officer. Where serious concerns persist, you may be referred to the Deputy Dean Education and your case formally considered by a Progress Committee.

Your immigration status

Your immigration status does not mean you are treated differently. The procedures are in place to primarily focus on a student’s ability to progress academically on their programme of study.

However, immigration status will be considered secondarily if a student is deemed to have potentially breached any conditions placed upon their immigration status. These cases are to referred to the International Services Team, and if necessary, the Academic Registrar for final decision.

If you have concerns about your progress

If you have concerns about your progress you should approach your Personal Tutor, Module Leador Course Director to discuss your worries. They will be able to address your concerns and put in place appropriate actions that will help with your academic endeavour. Skills for Success offers support and resources to improve your academic skills, and you can access wellbeing support and other services through the Student Services Hub.

Help and support

Students’ Union

SU Advice can help you get a better understanding of the Progress Procedures, and also help you understand your rights and prepare your response.

Student Services Hub

The Student Services Hub can direct you to the Student Progress Team who can advise you on the Progress Procedures, or to any other relevant support and wellbeing services that may be required. The Student Progress Team can also be contacted by email studentprogress@essex.ac.uk.

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