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How and why we monitor your attendance

Why we monitor attendance

We monitor your attendance so we can identify where you might need guidance or support. This is part of our commitment to supporting your success at Essex. We know that attending your classes is one of the most positive things you can do to be successful in your studies.

If you have questions about your course or encounter any difficulties which affect your studies, speak to your Personal Tutor or Student Services Hub.

How we use the information

We use attendance and engagement information to help identify students who may be experiencing problems so that we can offer support and advice. This data also one of the data sources used in the LEAP project. The University holds attendance data in accordance with our Data Usage Policy (.pdf).

Attendance and engagement with your studies

We expect our students to attend and contribute fully to lectures and other teaching events. Student engagement in classes, seminars and practicals is an important part of learning, and contributes to the University community and the learning experience of fellow students on the programme.

Contributing to class, and listening to and reflecting on the contributions of others, is an important way of developing your understanding of the subject, and your communication and interpersonal skills, and provides feedback on your ideas.

Engagement with your programme of study is primarily measured by:

  • overall engagement
  • attendance
  • completion of and performance in assessments

The University monitors attendance and has Progress Procedures (.pdf) that set out how concerns about students will be followed up.

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