Forgotten or lost student cards

Forgotten cards

It's your responsibility to look after your student identity (ID) card and to have it with you for all of your teaching events. If you attend a teaching event without your card or forget to tap in, you will be marked as absent.

If you find that you have forgotten your card, or have problems registering your attendance, please continue to attend all your timetabled teaching events.

Lost cards

If you lose your student card you will need to make an appointment with your Student Services Hub to get a replacement card. Please bring with you a form of identification. There is a charge of £5 for a replacement card. You won't have to pay if:

  • your card is damaged or worn
  • your card has been stolen (you need to have a police crime number)
  • your card has expired due to a change in your expected completion of study date
  • you were under the age of 18 when the card was issued and you've since turned 18
  • your card is faulty

When you're given your replacement card, a note will be made on file and your attendance record will be adjusted up to a limited period of time, so it's important that you get a replacement card as soon as possible.

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