Recording your face-to-face attendance

If you’re on a taught course at Colchester or Southend Campus, you need to record your attendance at all of your mandatory in person sessions on your individual timetable by using your student card at the electronic readers installed near the entrance(s) of all teaching rooms. A different system is in use at East 15 Acting School.

To be recorded as attended for a face-to-face event you must:

  • use your registration card at the card reader in the room timetabled
  • tap-in no earlier than 15 minutes before the event start and no later than 15 minutes after

Please see our using your card to record face-to-face attendance page for full details.

Viewing your attendance

Throughout the year you will be able to view your attendance on the Learner Engagement Activity Portal (LEAP). Please note that while most information is updated within 24hrs, in some cases adjustments need to be made after a teaching event has run and these may take up to 7 days to display in LEAP. We therefore ask that you wait 7 days to check your attendance data. If after this point queries remain then please contact your department in the first instance. Please see our engagement and attendance queries pages for further information

Class clashes

If your timetable shows two events that are at the same time, you should contact your department for advice on how to best deal with this issue. You may need to ask for a change of class or choose a different module which is scheduled for a different time. If the clash is unavoidable, you should ensure that you follow your department’s advice and submit an absence approval request for the missed events.

Cancelled classes

If your class was cancelled, your attendance record in LEAP should automatically update, however this may take up to 7 days to show correctly. If you believe your record is still incorrect after 7 days then you should contact your department. Please see our engagement and attendance queries pages for further information.

Extra-curricular activities

Any extra-curricular activities that you may be attending, such as Languages for All, will not be counted towards your overall attendance record. If these are timetabled events, you should still submit absence approval request for any that you miss.

Module changes

If you have changed your course or modules at the beginning of the term, only your new choice will be counted towards your attendance record. Even though the tap-ins for the modules that you are no longer attending may show on your record, they will not count towards your overall attendance score.

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