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We recently held our ‘Exploring the Science of Life Webinar Series’, hosted by our School of Life Sciences. There has never been a more exciting time to study the science of biology, whether your interest is in human, animal or plant life.

We hosted experts to address problems ranging from how to exploit enzymes as new industrial catalysts and how they evolve to drive antibiotic resistance, to use microbes as agents to clean up pollution and keep us healthy, to stop cancer cells forming. We are working to develop better crops to feed us, understand the effects of climate change on ecosystems from the tropics to the arctic and how modern life affects the workings of the human genome.

The series was recorded and you can catch-up on anything you missed using the links provided below.


Title Academic speaker  Access on Demand
Lights, camera, action! How magnifying life keeps changing science Dr Phillippe Laissue
Watch this talk
The Biology of Ageing: research directions and prospects  Dr Charalampos Rallis Watch this talk
Finding Nemo: Tracking fish in a changing world  Dr Anna Sturrock  Watch this talk
How microplastics could be changing the behaviour of marine organisms  Dr Gerrit Nanninga  Watch this talk
Combatting antibiotic resistance - what can structural biology teach us about the bacterial cell defences against antibiotics? Dr Vassiliy Bavro  Watch this talk
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Our research covers the whole spectrum of biology – from genes and cells right through to communities and ecosystems. We bring together like-minded researchers to share ideas and knowledge in the pursuit of fundamental and applied research that addresses national and international priorities.

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