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We frequently travel to schools and colleges across the UK and around the world to deliver information and talks on different aspects of university life, including the benefits of Higher Education, how to choose a course and student finance. Our world-class academics are also able to offer insightful talks and lectures, to engage and inspire your students. 

We welcome schools and colleges to visit our campus throughout the year so that students can enjoy study skills or subject-specific taster sessions or study skills and get a real flavour for studying at university.

If you are not able to visit us, we are pleased to offer virtual campus visits, which can be designed to suit the needs of your students, and a range of recorded sessions.  

Please use our online enquiry form to book a visit, talk or fair for your students. 


Talks and Tasters

Have you ever wondered what a lecture or seminar at Essex might be like? Our talks and tasters series gives you a sneak peek of what an Essex education could be like. We think you'll really like it...

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School and College talks

The talks we deliver in schools vary depending on what a school requests and what stage students are at in the university application process. Where requested we can combine talk topics and change the length of the talk to meet your needs.

The talks can be tailored to students in different year groups and studying different qualifications including GCSEs, A-Levels, International Baccalaureate, BTECs, Access Courses or international qualifications and can last between 20 minutes and an hour.

We welcome requests for academic workshops and will accommodate these to the best of our ability. We also recommend exploring our annual events, which include subject-specific activities and taster days. 

We’re pleased to offer a sample of some of our talk topics and recorded sessions, as follows: 

Choosing a university and course

A detailed look at how students should go about choosing which course to study and where, to ensure their decisions are right for them and they maximise their chances of receiving the best offers.

Applying to university and the UCAS process

Takes students through the UCAS application process and advises students on what admissions tutors look for and how students can prepare their applications to ensure that they get the best offers possible.

Also introduces students to the UCAS Extra process and Clearing so that students have a greater understanding of what they can do if they change their minds about a course, receive no offers, apply very late in the application cycle or do not get the grades they were hoping for.

Personal statements

Focuses on the personal statement section of the UCAS application form and helps students to identify what makes a good personal statement and how to structure it.

Student life

Details what it is like to be a university student, how life at university differs to school and the kind of experience students can expect.

Student finance

An overview of the costs involved in obtaining a degree, an explanation of the support available including tuition fee loans, maintenance loans, grants and bursaries and tips on how to live on a student budget.

Why choose the University of Essex?

Outlining key information about our University and explaining to students how we support our students throughout their courses and into graduate employment.

Why study in the UK?

The benefits of the UK Education System, the different types of universities and courses that we have in the UK, what the student life is like, how students’ progress professionally and information about accommodation, finance and visas. 

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Subject Introductions

Are you intrigued to find out more about your preferred subject area? Check out our taster videos for a quick roundup of what your subject looks like at Essex...

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Campus visits

We can offer tailored programmes at our Colchester Campus for both pre-16 school groups, and post-16 sixth form and college students. For those who cannot visit us, we are pleased to offer a virtual campus experience, using innovative online software.

Our aim is to give your students a first-hand experience of what it’s like to be an undergraduate student.

Throughout the day,  students can expect to hear from staff and student ambassadors, take part in interactive sessions and learn more about life on a university campus. Campus visits are the perfect way to engage and inspire students, to expose the opportunities available to them and support informed decisions regarding their future. 

Colchester Campus visits

Campus visits typically run between 9.45am and 2.30pm, and include an informative talk from a member of the schools liaison  team, a campus tour and an interactive workshop.

Extended visits can either start earlier or finish later, to suit you and your travel commitments. Students can expect everything they’ll find in a standard campus visit but will also have an additional interactive workshop.

If any of your staff or students would like to access our Faith Centre while on campus, please let the event organiser know.

Virtual campus visits

Virtual campus visits enable school and college groups to access a campus experience, when it is not possible to travel to us. Our online software enables schools and colleges to access a wide range of recorded and live content to deliver interactive workshops, virtual tours and live Q&A to provide an immersive campus experience.

Workshop sessions

When you book your campus visit, we will ask you to give your preference of  workshop sessions so we can tailor your day as much as possible to your wishes. Depending on the age group of students, we're able to offer the following a range of sessions, including:

  • Choosing a university and course.
  • Applying to university, UCAS and writing your personal statement.
  • Student life.
  • Student finance.
  • Referencing.
  • Revision and exam techniques.
  • Skim reading and scanning.
  • Study skills and learning styles.
  • EPQ workshops

We also welcome requests for subject-specific workshops and will accommodate these to the best of our ability. We recommend exploring our annual events, which include academic activities and taster days. 

To book a campus visit for your students, please complete our online booking form:

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Book a school talk or campus visit

To book a talk at your school or college or a campus visit for your students, please use our online enquiry form.

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Invite us to your next Careers or Higher Education fair

If your school or college is planning to hold a higher education or careers fair, we are happy to come to talk to your students about the opportunities offered by university study. To invite us to your next Careers or Higher Education Fair, please complete our online form.

If any of your staff or students would like to access our Faith Centre while on campus, please let the event organiser know.

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