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Essex is proud to work with schools and colleges all around the world to support teachers, advisors and counsellors with the university application process, and provide insight for students into what it's like to study at university in the UK and the opportunities available through higher education. 

We are delighted to offer a varied schedule of events throughout the academic year, alongside tailored virtual and face-to-face campus visits, representation at careers or Higher Education fairs, school talks and a variety of online resources.

Booking information can be found within each of the event listings below. Please visit our talks and visits page to make a bespoke booking.

We also offer travel bursaries alongside a range of other benefits available for our Schools Membership partners.


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Speak to current students and staff at the University of Essex to find out more about a course you're interested in, accommodation, university applications, student life and more. 


Lockdown Logic is a series of educational and informative blogs and vlogs. Written by current University of Essex students, they provide a unique opportunity to explore what our students wish they had been told before coming to University.

CPD resources for teachers and advisers

Turn and face the strange - Children in transition, Chris Nicholson

What are the difficulties children face with transition? Each child is different, but are there common reasons, why transitions are difficult to manage?

Using the example of looked-after children leaving care, Chris will show that in leaving the familiar for the unfamiliar, the known for the unknown, conscious and unconscious processes are stirred up and often expressed through behavioural and emotional pressures placed on carers, teachers and others. These processes, when left unrecognised, reopen, widen and sustain the ‘relational ruptures’ that were established during their earliest years and decrease the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Chris will explore how developmental and psychoanalytic ideas can be used to understand and suggest alternative ways of addressing care leavers’ transitional needs. Chris' work with care leavers at Donyland Lodge, a therapeutic community and school in Essex, will be described.

Cross-curricular online learning platforms, Nick Acton

Learn how to create and share meaningful online educational experiences for a range of curriculum subjects. Participants will gain the skills to utilise a number of different online applications that can provide their learners with engaging assessment activities and innovative learning opportunities. All of the applications work on all devices, meaning that teachers can easily share their creations both in the classroom and with their home learners without any technological compatibility worries.

Human rights, big data and technology: What you need to know, Sabrina Rau and Elena Abrusci

Technology has been playing an increasing role in our lives, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. The session will explore some of the main challenges to human rights posed by big data, AI and technology. In particular, the session will focus on issues related to data sharing, consent online, misinformation and disinformation. The session will enable participants to be more conscious online, better understand pressing issues and be more knowledgeable of the resources available to mitigate risks to human rights online. This will empower attendees to share crucial knowledge with their students and colleagues on the potential but also risk of certain products and services.

Mental health and well-being support at the University of Essex, Emma Burgess

Learn more about the challenges students face in their transition to higher education and the support provisions in place at the University of Essex.

External links and resources

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)

UCAS administers all of the applications to higher education courses in the UK. The UCAS website offers guidance and advice on higher education courses for students, careers advisers, parents and carers.

Students can use the course search to browse and filter courses at universities across the country.

Teachers' Guide to University

Brought to you via UniTasterDays, the Teachers' Guide to University 2022 will provide you with all the key higher education facts for schools and college colleagues. 

Comparing universities

  • DiscoverUni is a detailed website that allows students to search and compare universities and their courses across the UK.
  • The Complete University Guide collates a range of different league tables and allows comparison of universities based on a number of factors.

Visiting universities

  • allows students to find out when universities across the country are having open events so that they can plan a number of visits in order to find the right place for them.
  • Uni taster days is a one-stop source of university and higher education taster events, workshops and open days for teachers, careers advisers and students.

Graduate career opportunities

  • Prospects offer graduate jobs and career advice. University can dramatically improve career prospects by increasing graduates' average salary and offering them more choices and a variety of jobs.
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Discover our full range of resources, designed to help prospective students both in their applications to university and in their current studies.

Visiting your school or college

We attend various fairs and events around the world every year and would be delighted to see you there, or would welcome the opportunity to visit your school or college. We can deliver a variety of workshops and talks to your students (currently virtually), or provide a source of information, advice and guidance for those looking to study at a university in the UK.

To find out more, or book a visit, please visit our talks and visits page.

Our country-specific pages include information about visits to your country alongside more details on entry requirements, scholarships and bursaries, and student and alumni profiles. 

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International Baccalaureate Excellence Scholarship

Students who achieve academic excellence in their International Baccalaureate, may be entitled to a scholarship of £2,000 for their first year.

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