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At Essex, we recognise that teachers play an important role in supporting their students' aspire and apply to Higher Education and we are committed to investing in your continuing professional development wherever we can. We have a wide range of on-demand resources for you to access, delivered by our award-winning academics at the University of Essex and external providers. Please share them with your colleagues and in addition, will be running live CPD sessions throughout the year. Keep an eye on our events pages for more information about upcoming CPD events. 

Schools and colleges are encouraged to request bespoke CPD sessions by emailing 


Supporting care leavers and estranged students

Fiona Thorne, Accessibility and Wellbeing adviser at The University of Essex shares an overview of the support that universities can offer care leavers and estranged students. You'll also learn how you can help students make informed decisions and ease their transition through higher education. Take a look at the supporting PowerPoint: Supporting care leavers and estranged students (.pdf)

Building bridges to Higher Education for Gypsy, Traveller, Roma, Showman and Boaters

Sherrie Smith, Director of Gypsies and Travellers Essex shares her personal experience of higher education as a Romany Gypsy student, parent, researcher, and her role in wider participation community engagement. Other guest speakers include Professor Rainer Schulze, The University of Essex and Professor Margaret Greenfields, Buckinghamshire New University.

Teacher vs Student motivation

Dr Lorena Salud Gadella Kamstra, Department of Language and Linguistics, University of Essex helps you to discover ways of engaging in positive psychology and reflection by exploring teacher motivation pre and post-pandemic. Rose Bui, PhD Student of English Language Teaching, The University of Essex explores the seven frameworks that you can use to motivate your students, in the second part of the session. You can access the supporting PowerPoints here: Teacher Motivation (.pdf) 7 Frameworks (.pdf)

Mental health and well-being support

Delivered by Emma Burgess, Student Recruitment Office at the University of Essex, you'll find out more about the challenges students face in their transition to higher education and the support provisions in place at the University of Essex.

Mental health and COVID-19

Professor Neil Humphreys, University of Manchester shares the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children and young people's mental health; practical strategies for supporting reconnection and resilience, whilst developing positive mental health among the whole school community. You can access the supporting PowerPoint here: Mental health and COVID-19 (.pdf)

Teaching Generation Z 

Led by Karl Pupe, this empowering workshop will provide you with the tools for effective classroom management. Identify your style, learn about 'emotional high jacking', the Pygmalion Effect and the sales framework that will help you engage emotionally dysregulated students. You can access the supporting PowerPoint here: Teaching Generation Z (.pdf).

Turn and face the change - children in transition 

Dr Chris Nicholson, Head of the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex identifies the issues children face during transition stages. Chris uses an example of looked-after children leaving care and how developmental and psychoanalytic ideas can be used to understand and suggest alternative ways of addressing care leavers’ transitional needs. Chris' work with care leavers at Donyland Lodge, a therapeutic community and school in Essex, will be described.

Cross-curricular online learning platforms

Nick Acton, from Just The Right Solution shares how you can create and share meaningful online educational experiences for a range of curriculum subjects. Participants will gain the skills to utilise a number of different online applications that can provide their learners with engaging assessment activities and innovative learning opportunities.

Subject specific resources

Sociology and Criminology 

Dr Carlos Gigoux, first-year Director of, Department of Sociology shares an overview of the different undergraduate degrees that the Sociology Department offers, the curriculum structure, the teaching and assessment strategies, experiential learning, and the experience and support for undergraduate students as they adapt to University. The supporting PowerPoint can be accessed here: Sociology and Criminology (.pdf).

The power of interdisciplinary degrees

Dr Matthew Burch identifies what interdisciplinary studies are and why they're a great fit for certain students. The supporting PowerPoint can be found here: Higher Ed for foxes (.pdf) 

An introduction to Data Science and R 

Dr Joe Bailey provides an introduction to Data Science and R, including how to read data into R, how to cleanse data and how to calculate basic descriptive statistics. 

Human rights, big data and technology: What you need to know


Sabrina Rau and Elena Abrusci, Senior Research Officers of the School of Law, Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex explore some of the main challenges to human rights posed by big data, AI and technology. This will empower listeners to share crucial knowledge with their students and colleagues on the potential but also risk of certain products and services.

 Global Citizenship

Jane Carpenter, Local Advisor for the East of England shows how you can use activities to explore differences between international learning and global learning and how to embed global learning/citizenship in all subjects across the curriculum. You can access the supporting PowerPoint here: Inspiring Global Citizens (.pdf)