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Annual Teachers' and Advisers' Conference

Friday 19 June 2020

The Annual Teachers’ and Advisers' Conference takes place every summer term, and invites all teachers and advisers to join us at our Colchester Campus for an interactive and insightful day.

Throughout the day, attendees receive information and updates into current Higher Education issues, have opportunities to feed into the Schools Membership programme for the coming year, and meet with other partners from across the region, and around the world.

The 1-day conference includes CPD sessions, guests speakers and an unique international networking opportunity.  

Save the date: Friday 19 June 2020

Travel bursaries are available for all Schools Membership Partners. 

To register your interest or find out more, please contact us

If any of your staff or students would like to access our Faith Centre while on campus, please let the event organiser know.

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