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Maths Winsten Day

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A young man with dark hair and glasses is writing a mathematical formula on a surface, the window through which the photo is taken is also covered in formulas.

Maths Winsten Day

Friday 31 March 2023

The Maths Winsten Day is a free enrichment event held annually in honour of Professor Christopher Winsten, an internationally respected probability theorist and former lecturer at Essex.

The Winsten Day is a free day of Maths activities aimed at Sixth Form and College students. The aim of the day is to introduce areas of Mathematics that students may not have seen before, including talks by academics on their cutting-edge research as well as workshops introducing topics that are usually not seen until University, all at an accessible and interesting level.

This event is aimed at students in Year 12 and Year 13 who are currently studying A Level Maths, however this will be of interest to any student who wishes to study Mathematics at a higher level. We are pleased to be able to welcome groups of students to attend with teachers. The day will also give students the opportunity to explore the University of Essex's Colchester campus and hear about what studying at University is like, from current Undergraduate students. 

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Time Event Summary
 09.30am Welcome  
 09.45am Keynote- Maths of Neuroscience An introduction of how processes in the brain can be modelled using mathematical techniques, explaining how these modelling tools can help us understand the complex behaviour of the brain. Delivered by Dr. Chris Antonopolus
 11.00am Break  
 11.20am Surprising Symmetry in 3 dimensions The Platonic solids are the most symmetrical 3D shapes, such as a cube or triangular pyramid, where all the faces, corners and sides are identical. In 2D there are many symmetrical shapes: equilateral triangles, squares, pentagons and so on. But surprisingly, in 3D, there are only five possible Platonic solids. In this workshop, we'll look at the interesting mathematics that comes out of being so symmetrical, and also use this symmetry to build these shapes out of origami pieces! Delivered by Dr Jessica Claridge
 12.00pm Lunch and tour and University Info fair A selection of stalls including Student Ambassadors giving information about general University life, information on applying to Essex or other Universities, current Maths Undergraduate students presenting their Final Year projects, information on the various Undergraduate Maths and Maths related societies and more...
 13.30pm Workshop 2 TBC Delivered by Professor Chris Saker
 14.10pm  Close  
 14.30pm  Depart  
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