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The University of Essex are pleased to share with you our podcast: Understanding University, the Ultimate Uni Podcast. The podcast aims to support students in school, college or sixth form with current advice on finding your future pathway, managing stress as a student, how to choose your degree course, student finance and more.

All of our episodes are available to listen to on Spotify, Apple and Google.  Please share with other students who you feel would benefit from listening. If you need help accessing the podcast episodes, or have any questions, please get in touch.

We signpost to a variety of online resources in the episode to provide you with additional information, support, and guidance. Please make sure you have completed the registration form to receive links to these resources, as well as links for the episodes and updates about the podcast.

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Listen to current students and staff at The University of Essex who give their experience of university life to help bust the common myths that surround higher education, whilst providing some handy tips too.

Click the links below for our latest episodes:

  • Trailer: Understanding University, the Ultimate Uni Podcast
  • Episode 1: Exploring Your Future Pathway- In the episode we discuss a variety of different pathways for students finishing college or sixth form and how they can get motivated to look at their own options. Katie and Karina, who work for the University of Essex’s’ Outreach team discuss their own pathways, through education into their current roles and reflect on the relatable journeys of some well-known celebrities and idols. They share the opportunities students can get involved in to expand their transferable skills and experience for a variety of pathways. It’s sometimes hard to know where to start but this episode will provide you with plenty of tips to initiate those first steps. – Download the transcript. (.pdf)
  • Episode 2: Stress Busting for Students- We’re joined by current University of Essex students, Catherine and Veronica, to discuss how they have coped with stress and adapted to change whilst at University. Many students experience symptoms of stress so it’s important to know where to find advice and resources that are out there to support you whilst in education, and in the future. This episode will signpost you to lots of helpful stress busting tools that will positively boost your educational journey.  – Download the transcript. (.pdf)
  • Episode 3: Choosing Your Course and Your University - Choosing the right university course that suits you and your needs is an important part of the university research process. We’re joined by current University of Essex students and Student Ambassadors, Megan and Matteo who help share the important factors to consider when choosing your course and how this helped them to find their course and university. Our ambassadors share some great tips, so get listening to begin your research! - Download the transcript (.pdf)
  • Episode 4: Managing your Money at University- Want to find out how university is accessible and affordable? In this episode we cover how students can apply for student finance, including scholarships and bursaries to support your studies at university and some top budgeting tips to help you manage your money efficiently. Our student ambassadors, Rebecca and Ines, reflect on their own experiences to show that it is possible to be a student without living off pasta and beans! - Download the transcript (.pdf)
  • Episode 5: Life as a Uni Student - Going to University isn’t just about studying. Current students, Rebecca and Timea, discuss what student life is really like and how important it is to find a balance between studying and socialising. This episode will help you discover how to make the most out of lectures, the reality of studying and the range of extra opportunities that universities offer. Get prepared for your future with this episode on student life.                - Download the transcript (.pdf) 
  • Episode 6: Making yourself stand out: Interview and Career tips  - Preparing for the next steps in your life? We speak to Jasmine Hill, Careers Information Advice and Events Manager who shares some fantastic tips on how to be a standout student, advice on writing your CV and interview preparation. Whether it's for a job, apprenticeship or university we hope this guidance will help you to feel confident and prepared for your next steps. - Download the transcript (.pdf)
  • Episode 7: Choosing your Accommodation - Planning to go to university and want to know more about the accommodation options? Perhaps you're not sure what you need to consider when moving out for the first time? Find out from our student ambassadors the variety of accommodation options, how to make your accommodation feel homely and some top tips on preparing for moving to university. - Download the transcript (.pdf) 
  • Episode 8: Support and Safety at University  - We speak to Vinnosh Jaya Kumur, Vice President of Welfare for the University of Essex’s Student Union to discuss the support available for students when they come to university. Physical and mental health are equally important and it’s important to know where to go and who to speak to when you have a worry. Listen out for some top tips on looking after yourself too, with some guidance on what to think about and expect when you move away from home. - Download the transcript (.pdf)
  • Episode 9: Life as a Lecturer - Ever wondered what the difference is between your teachers at school or college, compared to a lecturer at university? Dr Mike Rogerson, lecturer in the School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences and Dr James Canton, senior lecturer in the Department of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies share their thoughts on their role, their teaching methods and what they get up to when they’re not teaching.  You’ll also discover some tips on how to prepare for your university studies and find out what our guests value in their students. - Download the transcript (.pdf)
  • Episode 10: Supporting a Young Person Going to University - Throughout the series we’ve spoken to a range of guests to provide many aspects of university life and in today’s episode we are joined by a parent of a current undergraduate student. Teresa shares her experience of supporting her young person through their higher education journey and we hope this provides further support and guidance for other parents, carers or guardians who are also embarking on this journey with their young person. - Download the transcript (.pdf)
  • Episode 11: Parent and Guardian Questions Answered  - When it comes to university, we know that students, parents and guardians have thousands of questions on their minds and sometimes it might be difficult to find the answer. We asked parents and guardians to send in their questions to us so we can answer them all in one handy episode. Find out what UCAS is, how students are financially supported and further tips to support your young person on their university journey. - Download the transcript (.pdf) 
  • Episode 12: Staying Home vs. Moving Away -  Most university students’ first experience of moving out is when they go to university but many other students decide to stay at home and commute to their institution instead. Hear from alumni students Ashleigh and Jordan in this week’s episode as they share their living arrangements and the considerations they had to make. By exploring the lifestyle of a commuter student and comparing it to a student who lives at university, we hope you’ll be able to better understand the available choices when it comes to choosing your university location and living arrangements. - Download the transcript (.pdf) 
  • Episode 13: Make the most of an Open DayOpen Days are a fantastic opportunity for you to find your University. Recruitment Events Officer, Rosanna and current student Diego, provide all their Open Day experience to help you book and attend your own. Find out what to expect, some top tips on how to book, what to wear, who to take with you and why it's an important part of your university research. - Download the transcript (.pdf) 
  • Episode 14: Perfect your personal statement -  Are you writing a personal statement and are not sure where to start? Perry and Jake, from the Essex Make Happen Team share some top tips on how you can make the best university or job application. Listen to our dos and don’ts, how to structure the statement and what to include; we’re also thrown back in time as Jake shares snippets of his own personal statement from when he applied for university. Listen now, to help you get started! - Download the transcript (.pdf) 

  • Episode 15: Discover your strengths - It’s not always easy to determine what we’re good at but it’s important to appreciate our strengths and weaknesses to help us focus on our goals and write fantastic university or job applications. In this episode we chat to Sarah Kelleway, Outreach Officer at the University of Essex who has lots of experience working with students to help them succeed. Pick up some tools today to explore and discover your strengths which will provide you with the confidence boost to initiate your next steps. – Download the transcript (.pdf)
  • Episode 16: Mental health mattersHaving positive wellbeing is always important, regardless of what stage of life you are in. Student life has its challenges, so we want to provide you with tips for improving and maintaining your mental health, and knowing what to do if you need a bit of extra help. In this week's episode, Thomas shares his role as part of the Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service, while Student Ambassadors, Dominika and Karen share their experiences of using the University’s services and support. - Download the transcript (.pdf) 
  • Episode 17: Studying abroad - Many university courses give students the opportunity to study abroad for a year allowing them to experience amazing adventures, meet new people and potentially study in another language. Hear from Farirai Manangazira, Student Recruitment and Marketing Assistant, who spent a year in Spain as part of her studies at the University of Essex. She shares the brilliant experience she had and how you can embark on your own international adventure. - Download the transcript (.pdf)
  • Episode 18: Preparing for HE - Impatient to shape your future? At Essex, our variety of preparation courses help students get ready for the next stage of their educational journeys. We hear from Sean Duffy, local secondary school teacher, and Erin, a year 13 student, about their experience of the courses and the importance of students preparing for their futures. Find out today how you can boost your skills through a dedicated preparation course. - Download the transcript (.pdf)


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