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Understanding University: The Ultimate Uni Podcast

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This podcast is brought to you by staff and students of the University of Essex and is all about the ins and outs of higher education - for students, parents, carers, guardians and teachers.

The University of Essex are pleased to share with you our podcast: Understanding University, the Ultimate Uni Podcast. The podcast aims to support students in school, college or sixth form with current advice on finding your future pathway, managing stress as a student, how to choose your degree course, student finance and more.

Listen to current students and staff at The University of Essex who give their experience of university life to help bust the common myths that surround higher education, whilst providing some handy tips too.

We’ll be releasing an episode weekly from the 10 February and they can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

  • Trailer: Understanding University, the Ultimate Uni Podcast
  • Episode 1: Exploring Your Future Pathway - In the episode we discuss a variety of different pathways for students finishing college or sixth form and how they can get motivated to look at their own options. Katie and Karina, who work for the University of Essex’s’ Outreach team discuss their own pathways, through education into their current roles and reflect on the relatable journeys of some well-known celebrities and idols. They share the opportunities students can get involved in to expand their transferable skills and experience for a variety of pathways. It’s sometimes hard to know where to start but this episode will provide you with plenty of tips to initiate those first steps. – Download the transcript. (.pdf)
  • Episode 2: Stress Busting for Students - We’re joined by current University of Essex students, Catherine and Veronica, to discuss how they have coped with stress and adapted to change whilst at University. Many students experience symptoms of stress so it’s important to know where to find advice and resources that are out there to support you whilst in education, and in the future. This episode will signpost you to lots of helpful stress busting tools that will positively boost your educational journey.  – Download the transcript. (.pdf)
  • Episode 3: Choosing Your Course and Your University - Choosing the right university course that suits you and your needs is an important part of the university research process. We’re joined by current University of Essex students and Student Ambassadors, Megan and Matteo who help share the important factors to consider when choosing your course and how this helped them to find their course and university. Our ambassadors share some great tips, so get listening to begin your research! - Download the transcript (.pdf).
  • Episode 4: available w/c 1 March 2021

All of our episodes will be available to listen to on SoundCloud and Spotify. Please like, leave a comment on SoundCloud and share the episodes. The more interaction the episode has, the more students we can help.

If you need help accessing the podcast episodes, or have any questions, please get in touch.

We signpost to a variety of online resources in the episode to provide you with additional information, support, and guidance. Please make sure you have completed the registration form to receive links to these resources, as well as links for the episodes and updates about the podcast.

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