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Faculty of Science and Health PhD Scholarship


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Postgraduate research
School of Life Sciences, School of Mathematics Statistics and Actuarial Science, Department of Psychology, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, School of Health and Social Care, School of Sport Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences

Please note this scholarship is now closed for 2023-24

The Faculty of Science and Health at the University of Essex is offering one PhD research Scholarship for a student to participate in a joint project with g.tec (gtec.at), NHS, and BT.

We propose a PhD research plan to develop an AI-driven BCI-based neurofeedback device to treat chronic post-viral fatigue syndrome (e.g., Long Covid) affecting many previously healthy employees. The proposed PhD project is a proof of concept / feasibility test of a novel device (potentially commercial). Chronic fatigue patients have particular deficits in the cognitive domains of attention and sensory integration, which contributes to their fatigue and compromises their work. They would benefit from AI-driven adaptive training in these domains with wide-ranging positive impacts on brain functions because sensory integration and attention are fundamental building blocks of all higher-level cognitions (e.g., memory, language, emotions).

How to apply

Please note this scholarship is closed for applications and no further applications are being considered for 2023-24. The faculty will advertise details of future scholarship opportunities pending availability.

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  • Faculty of Science and Health PhD Scholarship - Terms and conditions (.pdf)

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