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2023-2024 Summer Abroad


We are delighted that we've been award Turing Scheme funding for the third year running and will be able to support more students to gain an international experience during 2023-2024.

Turing Scheme funding can be accessed by students who are taking part in shorter term (minimum 28 days) activities including summer schools, international internships and volunteering abroad. These programmes can take place anywhere in the world.

Please note, we have limited funding and students will need to apply for the funding and are advised to read the eligibility criteria below before submitting their application. Applications are now open, and you can read more about how to apply below.

Turing Scheme funding is considered a general contribution to cost of living and travel costs, therefore students should budget accordingly based on their destination and duration of their programme.  We hope that this funding can help to provide life changing opportunities to students and additional support is available for students from a widening participation background.

There are no maximum number of placements a single student can undertake. Therefore you can apply for funding for a summer abroad programme as well as being eligible for study abroad year funding or future summer programme funding. In this case, the durations of the placements must not overlap (as this would result in dual funding).  If you have any queries on this please email eagrants@essex.ac.uk

How funding is prioritised 

All students are welcome to apply for Turing Scheme summer abroad funding, but priority will be based on the below:

  • Students who meet the widening participation criteria as outlined below
  • Students who have not previously completed a period abroad at the University of Essex.
  • Personal statement
  • In cases where the above does not allow us to make a decision, your first year mark and attendance record may be taken into consideration (if you are a first-year student - we will ask what year mark you are on track for).
  • In order to release the funding in a timely manner, deadlines will be set for you to apply for funding.  Deadlines have been set and outlined below but will be extended if needed (e.g. not all funding is allocated by the final deadline).

Widening participation criteria

The University of Essex and the Turing Scheme are committed to supporting all students to access international experiences and as such students from a disadvantaged background are eligible to additional costs related to their cost of living and travel costs.

Students from the following groups will be prioritised for funding and supported by the enhanced grant rate.

  1. Students with an annual household income of £25,000 or less (as assessed and verified by Student Finance England or other UK student funding provider).
  2. Students receiving Universal Credit or income-related benefits because they are financially supporting themselves or financially supporting themselves and someone who is dependent on them and living with them, such as a child or partner.
  3. Care leavers and students who are care-experienced. This refers to anyone who has been or is currently in care or from a looked after background at any stage of their life, no matter how short, including adopted children who were previously looked after or those who access the Care Experienced Bursary in Scotland.
  4. Students who have caring responsibilities. A carer is anyone who has a commitment to providing unpaid care to a family member or friend who could not cope without their support.
  5. Estranged students - those who are irreconcilably estranged from their parent(s). To be considered irreconcilably estranged, the student won’t have had any written or verbal contact with either parent – usually for 12 months or more - and this is unlikely to change.
  6. Refugees and asylum seekers.

Please note as part of the group 2 - 6 above you will be asked to provide official proof of your circumstances.

Grant rates

2023-2024 Standard grant rates

Duration Country Group 1* Country Group 2 and 3*
4-8 weeks £545 per month (equal to £136.25 per week) £480 per month (equal to £120 per week)
9 weeks-12 months £380 per month  £335 per month

2023-2024 Enhanced grant rates

Students who meet the widening participation criteria above will be eligible for an enhanced grant rate based on destination.

Duration Country Group 1* Country Group 2 and 3*
4-8 weeks £655 per month (equal to £163.75 per week) £590 per month (equal to £147.50 per week)
9 weeks-12 months £490 per month (equal to £122.50 per week) £445 per month (equal to £111.25 per week)

Additional funding for students who meet the widening participation criteria

Students from this group may also receive the following:

  • Travel grants of up to £1360, depending on distance between home and destination
  • Additional travel expenses can also be claimed, including costs of visas, passports, and health insurance

(students will need to provide receipts against the above costs in order to be reimbursed).

*For details of countries in each group please see the Turing scheme website

£380 per month

£380 per month

How to apply

We are now accepting applications on a weekly basis to allocate the remainder of this funding. Applications will remain open until mid-July or until all funding has been allocated (whichever happens sooner). Before applying, please check the above eligibility criteria and contact us via eagrants@essex.ac.uk if you have any questions.

Use the online portal below to apply. Applications will take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Turing Scheme application portal

Please contact us via eagrants@essex.ac.uk if you need any assistance.

All applicants will be contacted via their University of Essex email to receive an outcome on their funding application.