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Essex Futures Bursary


The details

Up to £3,000 support package is being offered to UK Students with a household income of £35,000 or under (as assessed by Student Finance England), who are starting a three-year undergraduate course in 2024-2025. 

The bursary value will depend on household income, to comprise the following:

Household Income Bursary Amount
Up to £25,000

£1,000 cash bursary

£2,000 applied as a credit against your university owned or administered accommodation fees

 £25,001 - £30,000 £1,500 applied as a credit against your university owned or administered accommodation fees
£30,001 - £35,000 £1,000 applied as a credit against your university owned or administered accommodation fees

Essex Futures is our promise to support the next generation by providing financial support to those whose impact on the world would be missed. A proportion of the Essex Futures Bursary is funded through philanthropic fundraising at Essex.  



  • This bursary is restricted to students who are UK home fees and are entirely self-funded*.
  • Students must be ordinarily resident (see below for the definition of ordinary residence) in the UK.
  • Students must register for the foundation year (Year 0) or the first year (Year1) of a full-time undergraduate degree** for the first time at the University of Essex in October 2024-25.
  • Students must have applied for and have been approved for funding from Student Finance England (or other UK funding provider) with the University of Essex as your chosen institution. You must have requested a means-tested assessment for funding to Student Finance England, with consent to be shared with University of Essex and have been assessed as having an annual household within the thresholds stated in the table above.
  • To receive the accommodation credit component of the award, students must have applied for, and accepted, a place in university owned or administered accommodation for the academic year 2023-24 by the deadline of 2 October 2024 at 11:59pm GMT.
  • If students become eligible during the year due to your Household Income being assessed or reassessed, they will be entitled to the bursary for that academic year.
  • Applicants must meet our standard conditional offer. This includes if you are applying through the Clearing process.
  • Student must have a valid tenancy agreement for university owned or administered accommodation at the time of payment.
  • This bursary may be held in conjunction with other University of Essex awards, for example (but not limited to) the Schools Membership Bursary 2024-25.
  • This bursary is available for the first year of study (Year 0 or Year 1) at undergraduate level in 2024-25 only.
  • Successful applicants should be available for promotional activities.

*Students receiving a repayable loan to fund their studies will be considered as self-funded. This includes but isn’t restricted to tuition fee loans from Student Finance England or other UK funding body.

**Courses leading to the award of a Diploma of Higher Education, Foundation Degree, Bachelors Degree, Integrated Masters (four years)


How to apply

If you meet all the eligibility criteria, you will automatically be considered for this award. You don’t need to complete an application form.

Full details

Please read the full terms and conditions before applying for or accepting a scholarship or bursary. They contain important information about eligibility, if you need to complete an application form and how you'll receive your funding.

Essex Futures Bursary 2024-2025 - Terms and Conditions (.pdf) 

If you're a current student looking for information about an award you received, see our terms and conditions for previous years.