Postgraduate research support

Resources, information and guidance for postgraduate research students.

Policies and procedures

Professional Doctorate rules of assessment

Details of the rules of assessment policies and procedures for Professional Doctorates.

Postgraduate Research progress

Milestones are used to ensure you're making sufficient progress during your studies and to keep you on track to submit within the appropriate period.

Postgraduate research examination policy

Details of postgraduate research examination policies.

Postgraduate research extenuating circumstances

Guidelines relating to the formal submission of an extenuating circumstances claim to your Supervisory Panel and Research Students’ Progress Board.

Travel and fieldwork

The University has a duty of care to all staff and students who wish to travel overseas and needs to be assured that those travelling have fully considered the risks and put appropriate precautions into place.

Research risk assessment

Principal investigators and researchers must identify reasonably foreseeable risks associated with their research and control the risks so far as is reasonably practicable.

Postgraduate research appeals procedure

Information for students wishing to appeal against the recommendation of a Research Students’ Progress Board or a viva examination decision.

Intermission for postgraduate research students

Intermission (temporary withdrawal/leave of absence) provides you with the opportunity to take a break from your studies.

Research misconduct

Information about research misconduct and how to avoid it.

Research degrees with co-supervision at another institution

Find out about the process of research degree co-supervision with another institution.

Postgraduate research change of course and mode

Find out what you need to do if you wish to change your course.

Proficio, skills training and development

Our postgraduate research student carers at Essex

Many members of our Essex postgraduate research student community are also carers. This could mean that you provide regular unpaid care to children, a family member or a close friend with an illness or health condition. There are also those who may juggle several care responsibilities.

PGR skills and language support from Skills for Success

There are a variety of free skills and training opportunities available for postgraduate research students from Skills for Success.

Proficio - the scheme explained

Proficio is our innovative professional development scheme for postgraduate research students, unique to Essex.

Essex Internal Proficio courses

Our courses provide you with the resources to maintain the highest levels of research skills, plan your research degree effectively and tackle problems common to researchers.

Proficio funding

Find out about funding for postgraduate research training.

Postgraduate research skills training and support

A range of online training opportunities to support your personal, professional and educational development as researchers.

Postgraduate research external courses and conference attendance

You may be able to use your Proficio funds to pay for external training courses that are beneficial to the successful completion of your research degree.

Creating new Proficio courses

How research students and staff can create new Proficio courses.

Events and activities

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition

This competition challenges research higher degree students to present a compelling oration on their thesis in just three minutes, using language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.

The Postgraduate Research Cohort Building Grant

We are excited to offer funding so that you can create your own events and activities as an opportunity to build and strengthen the research student community.

Postgraduate Research Education Awards

Each year, we recognise those supervisors who create the most inspirational, supportive and stimulating research environment for doctoral students.

Your thesis and viva

Thesis as a Series of Papers

Presenting a thesis in the format of a thesis as a series of papers is available in some disciplines for some research candidates. Students should speak to their department to see if this is available and appropriate for them.

Postgraduate research examination

Everything you need to know about the Postgraduate Research examination process at Essex.

Preparing to submit your thesis

Find out what you need to so three months before submitting your thesis and about restricting access to your thesis.

Copyright Guidance

Find out everything you need to know regarding Copyright and Intellectual Property ahead of submitting your thesis.

How to submit your thesis

Find out where and how you need to submit your thesis.

How to prepare for your viva

Find out what you should to do to prepare for your viva.

How the viva process works

All you need to know about the viva process.

After your viva

What happens next will depend on the outcome of your viva. See the possible outcomes as well as advice about what you should do next.

Uploading your thesis to the Research Repository

Once you have successfully completed your research degree at Essex you should submit a copy of your thesis to the University's Research Repository.

Thesis word count and format

What you need to know about thesis word counts as well as laying out and printing your thesis.

Thesis Submission Guidance: COVID-19 Impact Statement

You may include a statement in your thesis outlining the effects that COVID-19 may have had on the research that you have undertaken towards your doctoral degree.

After your thesis has been uploaded to the repository

Information about what happens after your thesis has been uploaded to the repository.