Creating new Proficio courses

Proficio is constantly evolving, with new courses being added to the platform weekly. We’re always keen to hear suggestions for the training that students require, so please email with any ideas for training courses that you’d like to see on Proficio.

If Proficio isn’t currently running a course that’s required, students can also use their funding externally.

Types of courses


 Your course may require group discussion, or benefit from having all attendees together in the same space. If this is the case, please choose ‘in person’ on the application form.

 Online (Zoom)

This option allows for a greater number of participants and can be very beneficial for students that may not routinely be located on one of our campuses. It also means students at other campuses can access the content more easily. We’ll need a Zoom link added to your form


This option provides longevity to your course, and is particularly welcomed by students that may struggle to commit to a pre-determined time slot of a course. You could develop your course to solely be available as a recording, or make a special recording of a course that was initially designed for online delivery. We’ll need a Box link to the recording, so that we can download and subsequently upload to Panopto.

Payments and Funding

There are two elements to the payment model within Proficio:

  • A one off payment grant, to cover the cost of developing a new course (time and materials)
  • A regular payment, every time the course is delivered (income generated from course attendees)

Course Development Grant

In most instances, course providers develop the course in their own time, and receive payment at their standard rate of pay for the additional hours worked, however on occasion a Head of Department may request that the course is developed during the providers contracted working hours. Before developing a course, we ask that you discuss this with your Head of Department, and come to an agreement.

In addition, Proficio will usually also cover the cost of materials required to develop and deliver the course (books, subscriptions etc).

Course delivery payment

Course participants are charged a fee to attend the training, which is transferred in full to either the course providers ERIA account, or a Departmental account. Most providers receive the payment to their ERIA account, however this is at the discretion of the Head of Department, and so course providers should discuss this with them ahead of developing a new course. It is not possible to transfer the income generated into a private bank account.

Example of a typical payment model

The following is an example of a typical payment model, following agreement by the Head of Department that the course will be developed outside of standard working hours, and that the income generated will be transferred into the ERIA account.

Course Development Grant

A course provider spends 6 hours developing a 2 hour course, and their standard rate of pay is £50/hr. The course provider receives £300.00 in two instalments. The first instalment of 40% is paid once the course development grant is approved. The remaining 60% instalment is paid once the course has run. The grant is transferred over to the course provider’s EIRA account.

If there is an agreement that the course development grant can be paid to the course provider as a salary payment the grant money is transferred to a departmental account in two instalments as before. The course provider then receives the relevant grant payment (minus dedications) on their next monthly salary.

Course Delivery Payment

The course provider runs the course twice, charging £100/participant, in total 30 people attend. £3000 is transferred to the providers ERIA account. If the course is a pre-recorded session, which is available for student to book at any time, Proficio will transfer the relevant payment periodically.

Criteria for courses

When developing a course, please have in mind that delegates from outside the University can book onto and attend Proficio courses. A successful application will demonstrate that the event:

  • offers relevant and timely advanced training for postgraduate research students
  • has content or structure not otherwise available to students within the University
  • meets perceived training needs
  • will contribute to the reputation of the University as a research-excellent institution, supportive of its postgraduate research students
  • encourages students to undertake training here rather than elsewhere
  • is costed and priced appropriately and sustainably

Promoting courses

All approved courses will be promoted to postgraduate research students by the Proficio Team through the fortnightly bulletin, PGR Facebook page and will be listed centrally for online booking by participants on Proficio. Social Science courses will be sent to the NCRM for publication on their website. Course providers are responsible for promoting their courses more widely.

Administering courses

The Proficio Team will list the course on the Proficio system, but it is the course providers responsibility to administer and organise your course. For example, making room bookings, arranging a Zoom link, photocopying materials, etc. You may wish to include additional administration costs in your financial plan to reflect this.

Monitoring attendance and payment of course fees

The course provider must provide the Proficio Team with a list of attendees following delivery of the course. Once this has been completed, the funds from the bookings will be transferred to the cost code you have provided.

Application Process – step by step guide If, after reading the guidance above, you would like to make an application to run a Proficio course, please follow the following process. The Proficio Team are here to support you during the process, so please don’t hesitate to email any questions you may have –

  • Make contact with the Deputy Dean, Postgraduate Research Training (Professor Ilaria Boncori) to scope out your idea.
  • Liaise with your Head of Department to establish the payment details (see payments and funding section above)
  • Obtain the cost code to be used for payment. This will either be your EIRA or a departmental code (see payments and funding section above)
  • Complete the Proficio course application form (.docx)
  • Once confirmed by the Proficio Team, commence development of your course (you’ll receive 40% of the course development grant money at this stage)
  • Undertake any administration associated with your course (see above)
  • Deliver your course
  • Confirm to the Proficio Team which students attended (at this point you’ll receive the remaining 60% of your course development grant, and the course income will be transferred into the approved cost code.
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