Creating new Proficio courses

Members of staff and research students can shape the development of Proficio courses by identifying gaps in the training provision and feeding this back to our team or by creating Proficio courses.

New course provision

Help us give you the courses you want by emailing with any ideas for training courses that you’d like to see on Proficio.

Criteria for courses

A successful application will demonstrate that the event:

  • offers relevant and timely advanced training for postgraduate research students
  • has content or structure not otherwise available to students within the University
  • meets perceived training needs
  • will contribute to the reputation of the University as a research-excellent institution, supportive of its postgraduate research students
  • encourages students to undertake training here rather than elsewhere
  • is costed and priced appropriately and sustainably

When developing a course, please have in mind that delegates from outside the University can book onto and attend Proficio courses.

If you would like to discuss your ideas and course content before applying to run a course, please contact the Deputy Dean (Postgraduate Research Training).

Promoting courses

All approved courses will be promoted to postgraduate research students by the Proficio Team through the fortnightly bulletin and will be listed centrally for online booking by participants on Proficio. Course providers are responsible for promoting their courses more widely.

Funding and costs

The Proficio Team can support you in the completion of your Proficio Course Application form, but it is your responsibility to set the costs and prices appropriately. This is important as your department will keep any profits, as well as will bear any losses, incurred from the course. For example, if the course is cancelled, but costs have already been incurred, such as paying for administrative support, external speakers or refreshments, the department will bear these losses.

Once the course goes live on Proficio, students and delegates will pay for the course through Proficio. The department will receive all the fees from Proficio once the course has finished and attendees to the course have been confirmed, via the cost code that has been provided. Please note, if students or delegates do not attend the course without given prior notice, they will still be charged.

Administering courses

The Proficio Team will support you, but it is your responsibility to administer and organise your course. For example, you must book your own rooms, photocopy materials, etc. Some departments have employed Frontrunners to do this. You may wish to include additional administration costs in your financial plan to reflect this.

Monitoring attendance and payment of course fees

It is the responsibility of the course provider to monitor the attendance of delegates at the course. Using their ‘user’ status on the Proficio system, the course provider must mark attendees on the schedule following the course. Once this has been completed, the funds from the bookings will be transferred to the cost code provided.

If the course provider is not a ‘user’ on Proficio, the course provider must provide the Proficio Team with a list of attendees following the course. Once this has been completed, the funds from the bookings will be transferred to the cost code you have provided.

Make an application

If, after reading the guidance above, you would like to make an application to run a Proficio course, please make contact with the Deputy Dean, Postgraduate Research Training (Professor Ilaria Boncori) to scope out your idea and then complete the application form below:

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