Research institutes and centres

Collaboration for research excellence

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Our institutes and centres are a meeting place for ideas. A focus for our world-leading academics to share their expertise, to break through disciplinary boundaries and provoke new debates.


Research institutes

We have a global reputation in human rights, social scientific research and data analytics. Our flagship institutes bring together academics from across disciplines and departments to deliver research which offers significant practical insights and impact. They engage with a wide range of external partners at a national and international level from NGOs and national governments through to the European Union and United Nations.

Human Rights Centre

We are home to one of the oldest academic human rights centres in the world. The Human Rights Centre enjoys a global reputation as a leader in the field of human rights research, practice, and education.

Clara Sandoval
"It is part of our ethos to use the law and the courts to protect and help human beings." 
Dr Clara Sandoval Acting Director of the Human Rights Centre 2016-17

Institute for Analytics and Data Science

We conduct research into issues and challenges in data exploration and big data from a multitude of perspectives. Our Institute for Analytics and Data Science (IADS) drives breakthroughs and innovation in a range of areas, including technologies for management and transfer of big data; methodological and analytical methods for different types of applications from financial and business to biomedical; and socio-economic aspects of data; and ethical, legal and human rights aspects of data.

Professor Maria Fasli
"Data underpins almost every aspect of human life and there is huge potential for unlocking its benefits."
Professor Maria Fasli Director of the Institute for Analytics and Data Science

Institute for Social and Economic Research

The Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) is funded and commissioned to undertake innovative and influential social and economic research, which looks at how people’s lives are changing over time.

Professor Nick Buck
“One of the core strengths of ISER is the way it brings together the creation of leading research infrastructures, including household panel studies and tax and benefit microsimulation models, with advanced interdisciplinary social science research.”
Professor Nick Buck Director of the Institute for Social and Economic Research

Research centres

Our research centres cover a wide range of topics and provide hubs for our academics in these fields. Some of our centres represent a single area within a department, while others are interdisciplinary with members from various departments coming together to focus on an issue.