Centre for Migration Studies

Part of Department of Sociology

We are a cross-disciplinary centre fostering excellence in migration research, education and community engagement.

Our centre addresses issues such as human rights, immigration policies, forced migration, education, citizenship, political engagement, social cohesion, religion, human trafficking, race, ethnicity and identity.

The Centre for Migration Studies (CMS), launched in 2018 and was established to provide a home for cross-disciplinary dialogue on migration studies. The Centre includes affiliates from departments across the University of Essex, the UK, and the world. It is a focal point for postgraduate researchers and for those studying the MA and MSc in Migration Studies here at Essex. We also serve as a link between the University and our local and regional community through our involvement with local NGOs and policymakers serving immigrant, refugee and ethnic minority communities.

Our Centre

Our research

The Centre for Migration Studies is an umbrella for a wide range of research that examines causes and consequences of the movement of people across international borders. Our research takes a variety of empirical approaches, including quantitative, qualitative and experimental methodologies as well as applied investigations in our School of Health and Social Care and the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies. Our research projects are funded by a range of bodies including the ESRC, Nuffield Foundation, and the European Union Framework Programmes.

To view our migration related publications please visit our research repository.

Our teaching

Closely aligned with the Centre for Migration Studies are the MA and MSc in Migration Studies courses at the University of Essex, offered by the Department of Sociology. Reflecting our inter-disciplinary focus, we also offer modules on migration related topics across the University, frequently contributing to the fields of Psychology, Human Rights and Linguistics, among many others.

Our community engagement

We are active participants in our local community and across the East of England. We serve on the Migrant Agency Forum of the Colchester Borough Council, the Mental Health Refugee Action Group and we collaborate with a number of grassroots organisations such as Refugee Action Colchester, African Families in the UK and organisations such as the Red Cross and the Strategic Migrant Partnership funded by the Home Office.

In our work we facilitate the interaction and collaboration between stakeholders and students and staff from across the University. We hold stakeholder event on campus every year with participation from local and regional organisations working with voluntary and involuntary migrants and ethnic minority communities in order to strengthen community building and support networks.

Our members

Our members are made up of academics and postgraduate students from Sociology, the Essex Business School, Government,  Language and Linguistics, Literature, Film and Theatre Studies, Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, Psychology, and the Institute for Social and Economic Research. This broad membership allows us to address issues arising from international migration from a variety of angles and fosters the development of cross-disciplinary research.

Visit our people profile to view our individual staff profiles and get in touch.

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Visit our Research Repository

The Centre for Migration Studies is proud to showcase a broad range of research from the University of Essex. Visit our research repository to access this research.

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Our courses

Through the Department of Sociology at Essex University, the Centre for Migration Studies contributes to the study of migration with an interdisciplinary focus. The MA and MSC in Migration Studies hosted in the Department of Sociology and the MA Refugee Care hosted in the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies are specialised courses in the field.

Our modules

Across the University our members from Sociology, the Institute of Social and Economic Reform (ISER), the Centre for Trauma, Asylum and Refugees (CTAR), Government, Language and Linguistics, History, Philosophy and Art History, the Human Rights Centre and Health and Social Care deliver their expertise through specialised modules:

epartments across the University offer a variety of modules at an undergraduate level that address issues of migration and ethnicity. Below is a sample of some of our offerings:
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Get in touch
Director - Centre for Migration Studies Dr Renee Luthra, University of Essex
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Deputy Director - Centre for Migration Studies Dr Carlos Gigoux Gramegna, University of Essex
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