Centre for Migration Studies

Part of Department of Sociology

We address critical issues surrounding migration.

Our centre addresses issues such as human rights, immigration policies, forced migration, education, citizenship, political engagement, social cohesion, religion, human trafficking, race, ethnicity and identity.

We seek to bring this multidisciplinary research together to foster academic exchange and encourage collaboration across the University, with academics from the UK and with colleagues from the University of Cologne (Germany), Kobe University (Japan), University of California Davis and Los Angeles (USA), CIESAS (Mexico) and UNED (Spain).

Our aims

  1. Investigate what kinds of inequality and power relationships exist between host society and the foreign born in relation to rights and citizenship

  2. Determine the role of civil society in the process of reception and social inclusion of migrants, especially for refugees

  3. Discuss the connections between migration, social control and crime

  4. Explore diasporic identities, migrants narratives and cultural productions

  5. Understand the divergent pathways of immigrants and their children in school, work, social and political life

  6. Examine the challenges and barriers that European countries face in managing the mobility of persons to realise competitiveness and growth

Our international collaborators

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