In the Centre for Theatre Research we are all professional theatre practitioners.

The Centre for Theatre Research (CTR) combines staff members who are active professional theatre-makers, practitioner-researchers and historians to deliver outstanding research and research-led teaching.

We work in the intersecting worlds of professional theatre-making and theatre and performance scholarship as writers, directors, actors, theatre-makers and historians. We have specialisms in playwriting, immersive and interactive theatre-making, early modern drama, 19thcentury directors/actors (e.g. Ellen Terry, Edith Craig), documentary theatre, applied theatre, global theatre, and in the analysis and performance of classic texts.

Our members also research and contribute to The Screen and Performance Research Network, an ongoing collaboration between LiFTS and East 15 Acting School. This research network is home to three research clusters; Lived Experience and Creative Process, Embodiment and Perception, and Global Perspectives and Intercultural Practice. For more information, please visit East 15 Acting School.



Our news

Telling the human story behind immigration

Priority Seating by drama lecturer Dr Mary Mazzilli explores the themes of migration, travel and lost and found identity, asking questions about modern society’s attitudes to migrants, whether they’re moving for economic, political or personal reasons.

'The sun never sets on the British arms trade.' Bringing protest theatre to London.

Annecy Lax is helping to take satire to the streets of London to demonstrate the impact of the arms trade on global human rights.

'Orford Ness is full of stories' Elizabeth Kuti on playwriting

With her play Fishskin Trousers being revived for a four-week run at the Park Theatre in London, Dr Elizabeth Kuti talks about her inspirations, the process of bringing a play to the stage and how her experience as a professional actor helps the writing process.

Celebrating women theatre makers inspiring change

Six incredible directors from around the world came to at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester in June as part of a special one-day international festival dedicated to inspirational women theatre makers.

Our members

Professor, Department of Literature Film and Theatre Studies (LiFTS)
Research interests: women's suffrage; literature and history; archival studies; theatre history; First World War in literature; science fiction; animal studies; autobiography; Ellen Terry; Edith Craig; family history; Literature and Law; literature and place
Professor, Department of Literature Film and Theatre Studies (LiFTS)
Research interests: playwriting; eighteenth-century drama and literature
Lecturer, East 15 Acting School
Dean of Partnerships (Education) and Senior Lecturer (R), Department of Literature Film and Theatre Studies (LiFTS)
Senior Lecturer, Department of Literature Film and Theatre Studies (LiFTS)
Research interests: Chinese and East-Asian Theatre; World and Global Theatres and Literatures; Postdramatic Theatres; Modernism/Postmodernism in drama and literature; Post-war British theatre and theatres in Europe; Contemporary Theatre Practices (directing and producing); Dramaturgy and Playwriting (PaR and Creative practices); Comparative Drama and Literature; Gender Studies and Women's writing
Professor, Department of Literature Film and Theatre Studies (LiFTS)
Research interests: Confessions of a Cockney Temple Dancer
Senior Lecturer, East 15 Acting School
Research interests: feminist performance and live art; repetition; weirdness
Professor, East 15 Acting School
Senior Lecturer, East 15 Acting School
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Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies