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Dr Tara McAllister-Viel
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Dr. Tara McAllister-Viel is Head of Voice and Speech at East 15’s Southend campus. She is also a researcher in Voice Studies and PhD supervisor for East 15’s newly established PhD programme. Her research areas include intercultural approaches to voice pedagogy, Korean p’ansori, and Anglo-American approaches to training actor’s voices. Her monograph, Training Actors’ Voices: Towards an Intercultural/Interdisciplinary Approach was recently published by Routledge (2019) as part of the Routledge Voice Studies Series. Additional recent publications include: book chapters in Intercultural Acting and Actor Training, Routledge (2019); Theatrical Speech-Acts, Routledge (TBA); and Somatic Voices in Performance Research and Beyond, Routledge (TBA). Previously she led voice programmes for the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (2005-2012) and the Korean National University of Arts, School of Drama (2000-2002, 2004). She has been Associate Editor-in-Chief of the Voice and Speech review (2011-2017) and currently sits on the Board of the Korean Association for Voice of Performing Arts. She is a long-time member of the British Voice Association, Voice and Speech Trainers’ Association and Association for Asian Performance.

Research and professional activities

Conferences and presentations

Voices and Cultural Knowledge: building towards culturally responsive curriculum in acccent/dialect training

Invited presentation, Association for Theatre in Higher Education conference 2021, Association for Theatre in Higher Education conference Aug 2021, online, online, 8/8/2021

Key Note Speaker

Invited presentation, Keynote presentation, Breath use in Singing and Speaking, The Korean Association for Voice of Performing Arts 2nd symposium, Korea, Republic of, 4/2015


Journal articles (6)

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Books (1)

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Book chapters (9)

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Reports and Papers (2)

McAllister-Viel, T. and Brown, S., Decolonizing voice training in Anglo-American actor training

McAllister-Viel, T., (2011). Selected Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts

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research-based PhD supervision