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Impact through partnership

Some health challenges seem impossible to overcome including rising obesity, infant and adult mortality, and a lack of fair access to mental health support.

At Essex, we believe good health and wellbeing for all is achievable by better addressing the multiple root causes of ill-health and by taking a collaborative, interdisciplinary and global approach.

Understanding societies and the global inequalities that shape them, coupled with the application of scientific, medical, and practice-based advances are at the heart of our commitment to good public health and wellbeing for all.

Our Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing is a place where researchers are committed to pushing boundaries, reaching across disciplines and providing authoritative research, policy recommendations and insights that improve lives.

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Find out about the IPHW’s vision, priorities and objectives, for producing, co-producing and delivering world-class, timely and robust scientific evidence to support decision-making processes, inform policies for promoting health and wellbeing, and reduce health inequalities locally, nationally, and globally.

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Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing PhD Scholarship

If you're a potential PhD student wishing to research the area of social and economic research, take part in the globally recognised work of the University of Essex Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing and study for a postgraduate research degree in relevant departments, you could be eligible to receive a full PhD scholarship to support you, including full tuition fee discount for three years of study, a stipend payment towards your living costs and Proficio funding towards training, conferences, and travel.

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