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What we do

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Public health and wellbeing at Essex is local, regional, national and international in its research scope, collaborations and impact.


The University of Essex, in collaboration with health sector partners, delivers world-leading, impactful research and innovation in public health and wellbeing, to meet the needs of the population. Our community of academics, together with key stakeholders, is committed to impact-focused prevention and promotion efforts. Driven by innovation, partnership, and a shared focus on actions, we strive for the betterment of health and wellbeing, and health equity.

The IPHW brings together the University of Essex’s community of experts to provide pioneering leadership in the production of world-class research, knowledge exchange and impact. Working with regional, national, and international partners, the IPHW is driven by a collective goal of creating a healthier and fairer society.

Our Vision

Better health and wellbeing for all - locally, nationally, and globally

The Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing is built on solid foundations. Our Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research Professor Chris Greer has outlined how our growing research community will help us achieve even more.

Chris Greer
"For decades Essex researchers across science and health, social sciences, and the arts and humanities have turned their attention to public health and wellbeing. We have a proven track record in developing high-impact, world-class research that informs policy and practice, shapes public understanding, and improves people's lives."
Professor Chris Greer Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research

Our mission

To produce, co-produce and deliver world-class, timely and robust scientific evidence to support decision-making processes, inform policies for promoting health and wellbeing, and reduce health inequalities locally, nationally, and globally

We believe the best medical approaches and technologies need to be coupled with clear thinking about how to reduce social and economic barriers to health and care. This will help to limit inequalities and discrimination, which will contribute to achieving good public health and wellbeing for all.

Global health expert Dr Mariachiara Di Cesare is founding Director of the Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing. She’s outlined how her expertise supports our vision.

Dr-Mariachiara Di Cesare
"The IPHW is an inclusive space, fostering dialogue across a community of researchers, stakeholders and any other interested parties, bringing new potential to advance the most important challenges ahead and contributing towards improving the health and wellbeing of many."
Professor Mariachiara Di Cesare Director, Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing

Our strategic priorities


At the heart of our mission lies the formation of a world-class team of researchers and practitioners in Public Health and Wellbeing comprising individuals with diverse expertise and experiences. We seek to inspire and empower research leadership in Public Health and Wellbeing and support the development of future leaders.



Our people are the basis for a global centre of excellence in Public Health and Wellbeing. We seek to be a cutting-edge centre as a physical and virtual hub for world-class research, with collaborative partnerships and the co-creation, development and scaling-up of research.



Our people and communities will ensure world-class multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research in Public Health and Wellbeing. Needs and priorities will be identified based on our partnerships with stakeholders, leading to high quality and creative research and innovation and multi and interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation of ideas.



By leveraging the power of multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary approaches, the IPHW seeks to generate innovative insights and evidence-based strategies that address real-world needs and priorities. Through the integration of people, community, and knowledge generation, the IPHW aspires to establish itself as a centre of excellence for innovative and timely solutions addressing real world needs, problems, and priorities.


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