The Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing (IPHW) is timely and ambitious - launched in response to the needs of a generation which has experienced first-hand how vulnerable we are.

The depth and breadth of the four research pillars on which it is based - social, biological and environmental determinants of health; interventions, outcomes, evaluations and policy; wellbeing and health promotion; human rights, community participation and voice – highlight how the IPHW embeds complexity and interdisciplinary research in its foundations. Instead of sitting in silos, we work together to further understanding of interconnections and potential advances.

My research expertise

My research in population health integrates concepts, data and methods from demography, epidemiology, statistics, and social science. I have experience working with researchers from academic and non-academic institutions and in different contexts.

I have been lucky to work with colleagues who have challenged my views and pushed me from my comfort zone, towards more impactful research. With a multidisciplinary team and in collaboration with the World Heart Federation I helped ensure non-vitamin K anticoagulants were included on the 22nd WHO Essential Medicine List, benefitting over 40 million people and reducing stroke associated morbidity and mortality.

I joined the national scientific effort against COVID-19 contributing to government-commissioned technical reports, and leading a project tracking SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater.

What we can achieve 

I am bringing my experience of working at the intersection of and across traditional boundaries to find solutions for complex problems while fostering the creation of an exciting and ambitious community of researchers moved by the common goal of ensuring the right to health for all people.

The IPHW, is an inclusive space, fostering dialogue across a community of researchers, stakeholders and any other interested parties, bringing new potential to advance on the most important challenges ahead and contributing towards improving the health and wellbeing of many.”