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Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence

Part of Department of Government

We support interdisciplinary research in European issues

We bring together colleagues from our departments of Economics, Government, History, Language and Linguistics, Law and Sociology.

Our work

  • We support and promote the Journal of European Integration.
  • We promote the Essex European Studies degrees.
  • We raise the profile of the Chair in European Political Integration established by the Jean Monnet programme.
  • We complement the services of our University's European Documentation Centre.
  • We support postgraduate recruitment, collaborative teaching programmes and studying abroad.
  • We support research activity within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme and Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission.
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Our research projects

The GARNET project

GARNET is a Network of Excellence on Global Governance, Regionalisation and Regulation: The Role of the EU funded under the European Commission's 6th Framework Programme and comprising 42 leading research centres and universities.

The Jean Monnet Centre for European Excellence participated in the GARNET project, which was coordinated by the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation at the University of Warwick.

Essex contributions include:

The GARNET Working Paper No. 18/07: Global Threat Perception: Elite Survey results from Canada, China, the European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.  Edited by Emil Kirchner and James Sperling.

EU-China relations

Funded under the EU Lifelong Learning Programme (Jean Monnet Action Programme) this research relates to two books and a journal article:

Both book projects have been facilitated through the organisation of workshops, both in Europe and Asia.

Analysis of civil security systems in Europe (ANVIL)

Essex was part of a twelve-member consortium on a project investigating and comparing the civil security and civil protection systems of 22 European countries. This resulted in two publications:

Funding for this project was obtained from the Framework 7 Programme of the European Commission.

Handbook on EU-Asia relations

Professor Emil Kirchner worked on the Palgrave Handbook on EU-Asia Relations, published in 2013 by Palgrave (co-editors Thomas Christiansen and Philomena Murray).

EU social policy

This project results in annual publications in The European Communities Encyclopedia and Directory, London, Europa Publications.

Professor Emil Kirchner leads this work.

China's Perception of Brexit

In collaboration with Jin Ling, Professor Emil Kirchner is working on a book chapter entitled China’s Perception of Brexit and its Influence on China-EU relations.
A paper of the same title was presented at the UACES conference at the University of Bath on 3 September 2018.

External resources

EU Jean Monnet Programme

The European Union's Jean Monnet Programme co-finances universities for the establishment of Jean Monnet Chairs, Jean Monnet permanent courses, Jean Monnet modules in European law, European economy, political studies of European construction and the history of European integration. The Jean Monnet project also supports the creation of Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence. You can find out more about the programme from the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency European Commission website.

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