Creating an Anti-Racism Environment

Speech and Language Therapists

Two women in a Speech and Language Therapy class, looking at a plastic model of a brain on the table in front of them.

Speech and Language Therapists work with people of all ages and backgrounds, from toddlers struggling to find their first words to elderly people recovering from a medical episode.

You may find that your clients have experienced racism when trying to access healthcare and support in the past, or you may be an SLT who has experienced racism while trying to carry out your work.

The resources here will help you understand the lived experiences of racism within speech and language therapy, and signpost you to the support you may need.

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"We need to be able to educate others not only at work but in the community. All topics of racism are equally important, but if all of us had the basic tools this would start to make a difference."
Two people wearing face mask walking towards the camera, with people walking past them in the opposite direction.
Blog: Shame as a place of transformation

In this blog, Dr Lindsey Nicholls from the School of Health and Social Care reflects on why we cannot shy away from difficult conversations around race and racism, and the importance of hearing and listening to stories from people in marginalised groups.

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