School of Health and Social Care

Our Research

Our research

Our four key areas of research are:

Our staff have a wide range of research interests alongside their clinical and academic experience. For full details of HSC staff publications please see our Research Repository or individual staff profiles.

Case studies 

Our research helps improve health and social care practice and policy. 

  • Depression: A couples' disease? - Depression can place huge strain on a relationship. The focus on the person with depression can lead the other party to feel unsupported, and excluded from their partner's care. Can better access to couple's therapy help?
  • Can we do more to support birth mothers after a child's taken in to care? - This interdisciplinary research project, led by the Department of Sociology, carried out a review of the Positive Choices service run by Suffolk County Council. The team also developed a new app to help social workers track the impact of such services. 

Research services

We assist clinicians and external health and social care groups with various research and consultancy services.

Health and Care Research Service

We offer a wide range of research and consultancy services to local, national and international health care organisations, social care bodies and voluntary sector organisations. To find out more about this, visit our Health and Care Research Service.

Research Design Service

The School hosts the Essex regional office for the Research Design Service. Funded by the NIHR, this service provides support to researchers in health and social care, including advice on designing research studies, identifying funding sources, and involving academic collaborators and the public.