School of Health and Social Care

Health and Care Research Service

On a day to day basis we work with health, social care and third-sector organisations to improve the experience of service users, carers and those who work with them.

Our Services

With this vast range of expertise we are able to offer services that include:

  • Research design, advice and consultancy
  • Survey design
  • Data collection
  • Quantitative data analysis
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Evaluation of services
  • Report writing

Our specialisms and expertise

We have a first-rate research profile with specialisms including the application of psychology and sociology to real-world issues, and the understanding of aspects of health and social care such as; mental health, learning difficulties, gerontology, chronic illness, substance abuse, and social exclusion. 

We have a wide range of expertise to draw on from across the school and the wider university. Our staff include academics and clinicians with quantitative and qualitative expertise in a range of health and care related research areas including; health and clinical psychology, medical sociology, social policy, management, nursing, sports science, pharmacy, speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy.


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How soon should we contact the Health and Social Care Research Service?

We would like to hear from you as early as possible to discuss your requirements and advise you on how to plan your research or evaluation.

For example, if you are developing a new service which will need an evaluation component, get in touch with us as soon as you begin to plan the service as it helps to incorporate evaluation into service design from the beginning.

If you are planning a stakeholder consultation and want us to analyse the data, we can advise you early on how to design the consultation as this can impact on what it is possible to analyse.

We also understand evaluation and analysis can be left to the last minute sometimes and it may still be possible for us to help in these situations. So, while it is best to contact us as early as possible, we will also try to assist with your requirements whatever stage of development you are at.

Will we need ethics approval?

Ethics approval for research and evaluation in health and social care settings can be complex to navigate and whether or not your project needs ethical approval will depend on a number of different factors.

We can advise you on this and where approvals are required we can complete applications for you and guide you through the process. This is something we would discuss with you from the outset.

How quickly can you complete a project?

All projects vary in terms of timelines and this will depend on the nature and scale of the research or evaluation required. If you have a very short deadline for the project you need completed, we will discuss with you from the outset what is possible within the timescale.

For all projects, we will discuss your requirements with you and will set out a proposed timeline and deliverables that we would be working to.

How much will it cost?

Projects vary significantly in terms of costs. We would encourage you to make contact with us as soon as possible so we can discuss what is possible within your budget and timeline.

How will data be managed?

In some projects we collect data for you; in other projects you collect data and provide it to us for analysis. There will be different ethical and data protection arrangements in place for these different types of project.

We have a range of research governance and data protection practices in place to cover a wide range of data uses and where necessary we will help to set up a data sharing arrangement with your organisation. We will discuss this with you early on and establish what will be required to put in place to cover data security.

Get in touch
If you are interested in us providing you with one of our services, email us.  With our range of specialisms and our experience, we are always happy to discuss your plans and how we can help.