Research Project

Evaluation of recurrent care services

Since 2013, a multi-disciplinary team of researchers have been involved in evaluating services that are working to empower birth mothers involved in repeat care proceedings.

This led onto a 'change project' on recurrent care during 2018 and 2019, led by Research in Practice in partnership with colleagues in Essex and Lancaster Universities, working with 13 local authorities to assist them in developing new services in this field.

This has resulted in an open-access resource pack that can be used by local authorities and voluntary organisations to create, extend or improve services aiming to reduce recurrent care proceedings. It is the first resource pack of its kind and captures insights from ground-level policy development across England that the Essex team’s work has helped to inspire.


Can we do more to support birth mothers after their child is taken in to care? - This research showcase highlights the first recurrent care projects evaluated, and includes the research report.

The Research in Practice resource pack for recurrent care services, was developed by the research team, and can be used by child care services (including NHS Trusts and those involved in child social care), and third sector organisations.