Creating an Anti-Racism Environment

Nurses and midwives

A nurse in a dark blue uniform sitting in front of a plastic model of human internal organs. The nurse is turned towards a small group of men and women in light blue tunics, talking to them.

Nurses and midwives are at the forefront of healthcare. They come from a broad range of backgrounds, and work with patients with complex needs and histories.

The resources on this page are suitable for nurses and midwives at any stage of their career and in any setting, from student nurses on placements and General Practice (GP) nurse practitioners, through to community and bereavement midwives.

Some of the resources created for the Dare to CARE project feature accounts of racism experienced by individuals. These scenarios are anonymised, but have been created using real stories taken from a range of sources.

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Training resource: Nurse

In this 3-5 minute training resource, you'll join student nurse Afua as she deals with racism experienced during her nursing placement and see how staff at her University and the placement setting dealt with it.

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Policies and statements

Research and reports

Support and Advocacy Groups

  • FIVEXMORE - This group is committed to changing maternal health outcomes for Black women in the UK.
  • The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network (BAATN)
  • Refugee Action - This charity supports refugees who wish to settle in the UK. In particular their Refugee Voices page is a helpful resource for understanding the lived experiences of those seeking asylum in the UK.
  • The Runnymede Trust - An independent think tank focusing on race equality in the UK.
  • Equality 4 Black Nurses - This group is working to reduce and eliminate racism in healthcare by supporting staff and lobbying governments and employers.
  • Black & Brown Skin - Founded by medical student Malone Mukwende, this platform aims to educate clinical staff on the presentation of various conditions on black and brown skin. It includes free digital copies of Mukwende's book "Mind the Gap", along with online resources.

News and blogs

General resources

"I want to feel more able and confident to be anti-racist, and be more confident to challenge racism. The thing that often stops people is the potential of upsetting people by challenging their behaviour, we need to be braver than that."
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Blog: An inclusive and decolonised Health and Social Care curriculum

In this blog post Akudo Amadiegwu and Professor Winifred Eboh discuss how decolonising the curriculum for healthcare and social care can improve health and wellbeing for patients and service users in marginalised communities.

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