Creating an Anti-Racism Environment (CARE)

Clinical Psychologists

A young Black man is sitting at a table with a pen in one hand and some rolled up paper in the other, looking to the left. In the foreground is a person with long dark hair with their back to the camera.

Clinical psychology is the largest field of applied psychology in Britain. Within the NHS Clinical Psychologists provide specialist mental health care, psychological assessment and consultation for people across the lifespan with a diverse range of needs.


For many people from racially minoritised backgrounds in the UK, experiences of psychological distress can be caused or exacerbated by interpersonal, institutional and structural racial prejudice and discrimination. Racialised peoples can also be subjected to racial discrimination in mental health services, which exacerbates their mental health problems and creates barriers to accessing help.

As psychologists, it is important for us to work towards attending to and eliminating racial discrimination in services and in our profession to ensure equitable care for service users and safer working environments for staff. We also have a responsibility to better understand the mental health impacts of racism.

We have collated resources to help qualified and trainee clinical psychologists navigate racism within mental health care, whether between patients and staff or between staff themselves.

The resources here are suitable for all levels and settings, from aspiring psychologists to trainee and qualified clinical psychologists. 

Some of the resources created for the Dare to CARE project feature accounts of racism experienced by individuals. These scenarios are anonymised but have been created using real stories taken from a range of sources.

Clinical Psychology trainees

Clinical Psychologist trainee
Training resource: Trainee psychologist

Making the learning environment inclusive: a clinical psychology trainee’s experience.

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Clinical Psychologist trainee
Training resource: First-year trainee psychologist

Challenging assumptions: reflections on inappropriate language within a counselling meeting attended by a clinical psychology trainee.

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Racial Inequity Within Mental Health

Inequities in Clinical Psychology Programmes

Support and Advocacy Groups

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Racial Equity Organisations

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Blog: Diversity in clinical psychology training at Essex

In this blog Professor Susan McPherson and Dr Frances Blumenfeld provide data on the ethnic and gender diversity of students studying clinical psychology at the University of Essex, and describe some of the features of our recruitment procedures that may impact diversity.

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