Creating an Anti-Racism Environment

Occupational Therapists

A woman wearing glasses and an orange headscarf watches as someone out of shot uses her arm to demonstrate how to add a splint.

As an Occupational Therapist your job takes you to a range of different settings and requires you to work within a group of wider support staff.

We have gathered a selection of resources and additional reading that can help you become more aware of the issues of racism in occupational therapy, and support you if you are an OT who has experienced racism.

Some of the resources created for the Dare to CARE project feature accounts of racism experienced by individuals. These scenarios are anonymised, but have been created using real stories taken from a range of sources.

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Training resource: Occupational Therapist

In this 3-5 minute training resource, you'll review a racist incident from the perspective of an occupational therapy student on placement, and how it was dealt with by the placement provider.

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General resources

"We need a greater understanding of the complexities of racism, such as micro-aggressions, and to highlight how to empower people to become vocal and not tolerate racism in any form."
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Blog: An inclusive and decolonised Health and Social Care curriculum

In this blog post Akudo Amadiegwu and Professor Winifred Eboh discuss how decolonising the curriculum for healthcare and social care can improve health and wellbeing for patients and service users in marginalised communities.

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