Creating an Anti-Racist Environment (CARE)

Doctors and medical students

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The medical community in the UK is incredibly diverse, with medical students and doctors coming from across the globe to study and work in healthcare.

We have collated resources to help medical students and doctors navigate racism in healthcare, whether between patients and staff, or between staff themselves.

The resources here are suitable for all levels and settings, from medical students and junior doctors, to General Practice (GP) surgeries and specialist areas of consultancy.

Some of the resources created for the Dare to CARE project feature accounts of racism experienced by individuals. These scenarios are anonymised, but have been created using real stories taken from a range of sources.

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Training resource: Junior doctor

In this 3-5 minute training resource you'll follow a junior doctor as he experiences unfair treatment from a manager compared to his colleague.

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"I need to understand the gaps in medical knowledge due to systemic racism, particularly about how rashes present, and skin colour changes being used as symptoms (e.g. blue lips)."
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Blog: Shame as a place of transformation

In this blog, Dr Lindsey Nicholls from the School of Health and Social Care reflects on why we cannot shy away from difficult conversations around race and racism, and the importance of hearing and listening to stories from people in marginalised groups.

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