Creating an Anti-Racist Environment

Social Work

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Social workers meet and interact with people from all walks of life who have a diverse range of support needs.

As a result you may encounter service users whose experiences of racism make it difficult for them to engage with the support offered, or you may need to support colleagues who have experienced a racist incident during their work.

The resources we have collated here offer a broad view into racism within social work, giving you the knowledge to take an anti-racist stance in your professional practice.

Policies and statements

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"I need to better understand the impact of subtle and micro-aggressive racism - and importantly how this can be picked apart from bias's and undercurrents against other protected characteristics such as gender, disability, sexuality etc."
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Blog: An inclusive and decolonised Health and Social Care curriculum

In this blog post Akudo Amadiegwu and Professor Winifred Eboh discuss how decolonising the curriculum for healthcare and social care can improve health and wellbeing for patients and service users in marginalised communities.

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