Parking for students at Colchester Campus

Government advice for travelling

The University encourages all students to use sustainable methods of transports whenever possible. Before applying for a parking permit please check other options such as walking, cycling or public transport. These are often cheaper, quicker and easier than using a car.

As parking spaces are limited, students living on campus are not permitted to bring a vehicle to campus and cannot register their vehicle unless they can evidence a medical or caring need, applications under this heading must be made via the Students Services Hub.

Using alternative transport

Check out the facilities and discounted tickets available to you.

The areas of Greenstead and The Hythe are only a 15-minute walk from campus.

Hythe Train station is also 15 minutes away by foot and Wivenhoe is accessible via a dedicated riverside walk and cycle route ‘The Wivenhoe Trail’ approximately 10-15 minutes by bike and 15-20 by foot.

Car sharing is environmentally friendly and saves you money on fuel and parking charges. It also reduces wear and tear on your vehicle and makes it easier for all car users to park at our University. See who else travels from your area and link up with them.

Parking permits and payments

You first need to register your vehicle for a parking permit. Once that's done you may also need to pay a daily parking charge. All General permits expire on the 30 September each year. All Termly permits expire at the end of each corresponding term.

Where you can park

  • Car Park A is for students and staff, but not visitors. On occasion, the car park may also be required for coach and minibus parking. This will be advertised in advance where possible. Please note that Car Park A is currently occupied long-term by an NHS COVID-19 testing facility so there is no parking available in this location at present.
  • There are 200 parking spaces designated for students and staff in the Valley car park (the rows nearest the sports facilities). Please ensure you park in the student/staff area and not in the designated Visitor parking in this car park.
  • Students can also park in the Capon Road car park and North Towers car park.
  • Disabled student parking

Students may not park in the Wivenhoe House and Constable Building car park, the Innovation Centre, the multi-storey car park, or in parking spaces under podia (without prior authorisation from the Student Support Disability Team).

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