Find a space to study

From cosy coffee hubs to our magnificent Albert Sloman Library, there is always somewhere on campus to get your head down and focus, or to collaborate with others and create new ideas. 

If your'e looking for specialist departmental facilities for your chosen subjects, we have everything from mock medical wards and state-of-the-art science labs, to our law clinic and virtual trading floor.


Study facilities

Albert Sloman Library

Overlooking the lakes at the heart of our Colchester Campus is the Albert Sloman Library. Use our paternoster lift to reach six floors of research resources, specialist materials, and of course a whole lot of books. It's the perfect environment for quiet reading or that last-minute essay.

The library is open 24/7 during term time and has a wide range of learning resources; books, journals, British and foreign-newspapers, microfilms and audio-visual materials. 

Sharing is caring! Head over to book swap corner, drop off your old books and find a new one to get your nose stuck into!  


Study spaces

Our study spaces are designed with flexibility in mind, to give you the opportunity to meet up with friends to collaborate on group projects, or maintain quiet focus when you need to.

The Silberrad Student Centre overlooks the lakes on Square 5 and offers 24/7 access to study facilities.

  • On the ground floor, you'll find our Learning Hub with computers, meeting spaces and study pods, suitable for both individual and group study
  • The Centre is also home to our Student Services Hub - your one-stop-shop for finance, well being and study support services

Want to work on a group project? The Limehouse is a collaborate space off Square 4 and The Orangery is a coffee-friendly study room for team working inside the Zest Cafe

We are planning a number of new study spaces in 2023 and you can find more detail on our Student Directory

IT facilities

We've got over 800 computers at our Colchester Campus, along with scanners and printers in our IT labs. Got a problem on your laptop? Want to get your hands on some free software? Our IT helpdesk will make sure you get the best from all the IT resources available. And there is no need to waste time hunting down a free computer, there are a few ways to find one:

Find out more about all of our IT services here.

We also have helpful digital facilities, such as our digital library which has 100,000's resources available anytime, anywhere.


Departmental facilities

STEM Centre

Our STEM Centre includes a 180-seat wet lab for our School of Life Sciences and a 150-seat IT-rich exploratory learning space to enable collaboration between students across our Faculty of Science and Health.

Students sitting in a lab wearing white coats looking into microscopes)
Students sitting in a lab wearing white coats looking into microscopes


We have one of the world's leading robotics research facilities, housing robotic wheelchairs, spiders, dogs, football players, fish and robotic aircraft, which you can often see flying around the robotic arena.

Student analysing a robot playing connect 4)
Student analysing a robot playing connect 4

Law Clinic

The Essex Law Clinic offers free initial legal advice to the local community. Law students have the chance to work alongside practising lawyers and advises real clients to gain hands-on experience. Find out more about working in the Law Clinic

Essex Law Clinic student volunteers)
Essex Law Clinic student volunteers

Human Rights Clinic

The Essex Human Rights Clinic hosts projects to help protect human rights both locally and globally, in partnership with civil society organisations and human rights institutions.  Students have the opportunity to get involved in a range of issues, applying their knowledge and developing their professional skills. The clinic is part of one of the oldest academic Human Rights Centres in the world. Learn more about working in the Human Rights Clinic.

Hospital Ward

A functioning hospital ward with robotic patients that can simulate a range of medical conditions helps our School of Health and Social Care students get practical experience. The space also includes six consultancy rooms which are equipped with cameras for reviewing practice consultations.

A student and lecturer working with a dummy patient in the ward)
A student and lecturer working with a dummy patient in the ward

Translation and interpreting lab

Our translation and interpreting training lab can be used to interpret conferences of up to 20 people. You can use the lab as part of your studies, giving you the tools you need to become an expert interpreter. 

Student working in the translation lab with headphones on)
Student working in the translation lab with headphones on

Baby Lab

The BabyLab is a specially designed lab created for studying children. We study how infants and children learn and develop; learning how the brain processes social stimuli, how babies learn about their bodies and when babies start realising sentences are made up of a collection of words. It's fascinating stuff. 

Baby taking part in EEG study)
Baby taking part in EEG study

Virtual Trading Floor

Students can use industry-leading Bloomberg data in Essex Business School's virtual trading floor, giving you access to the same tools used by traders and business analysts worldwide.

Two students look at a screen in the virtual trading lab)
Two students look at a screen in the virtual trading lab

Centre for brain science

Our Centre for Brain Science contains equipment which can directly measure and module brain activity, track eye movements and measure physiological responses so we can investigate why we think, feel and act the way we do. 

Performing an experiment with a psychology cap on )
Performing an experiment with a psychology cap on

Sports Therapy Clinic

At our Sports Therapy Clinic in the Essex Sport Arena, staff, students and external clients can be assessed and treated for a range of sports and other musculoskeletal injuries by our sports therapy students. 

Student practising with another student in the clinic by advising of using weights to build strength)
Student practising with another student in the clinic by advising of using weights to build strength