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Bloomberg virtual trading floor

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Our students can use industry-leading Bloomberg data in Essex Business School’s virtual trading floor. This state-of-the-art facility gives you access to the same tools used by traders and business analysts worldwide.

The trading floor is open to all students but is particularly useful for students of accounting and finance. You’ll receive some initial training in class but the Bloomberg trading floor is open access so everyone can access it outside of scheduled lessons to take part in peer-led training and for personal study.

Introducing Bloomberg

The Bloomberg virtual trading floor facility at Essex Business School features 12 Bloomberg Terminals with access to the Bloomberg financial and almost real-time data feed. It's a hands-on facility that offers students at all levels the opportunity to learn essential portfolio management skills. It also helps you to learn how to model financial data in a practical setting based on the live financial markets.

Watch below as Dr Sam Astill, Senior Lecturer in Finance at Essex Business School, demonstrates the Bloomberg Terminals and financial data feed.

(Visiting from China? Watch the video on QQ instead.)

BSc Banking and Finance student, Dorota Hotova, stands in the winter garden of Essex Business School
"One of the reasons I came to Essex was because of the Bloomberg terminals. I had always wanted to learn how to use them and I knew that if I became a Bloomberger I would make myself learn. A Bloomberger is a student who is particularly proficient at using the Bloomberg financial data terminals to manipulate trade and commodities data and asses the financial portfolios of companies from around the world. We are paid by Essex Business School to run drop-in sessions on how to use the terminals for other students."
Dorota Hotova BSC Banking and Finance student

Getting to know Bloomberg

Access financial data

Bloomberg Professional is an online service through which you can access current and historical financial data for UK and overseas markets. You can find information on individual equities, stock market indices, fixed-income securities, currencies, commodities, futures, options and foreign exchange.

Get a head-start 

Each of the 12 terminals in the Essex Business School trading floor provides almost identical functionality to a Bloomberg Professional Terminal used by Wall Street. The only difference is that our prices are delayed by 15 minutes meaning you can't profit from (or lose!) your investments. This means you have a great opportunity to put your knowledge of financial theory into practice - and get a head-start in the graduate employment market.

Learn how

In a Bloomberg session, a user enters short specialised commands. Currently there are more than 30,000 commands, so all users need a bit of help to get started. We run regular training sessions alongside class teaching so you will quickly learn what you're doing.

Our team of Bloombergers

We also have a team of Bloombergers, students who are very experienced with Bloomberg, who hold regular drop-in workshops for less-experienced students.

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