Places to study at Colchester Campus

We want to give you the opportunity to study somewhere on campus. To do that we need to make sure that everyone is kept safe and social distancing rules are followed. A new booking system for all study places has been introduced to help us achieve this.

All study spaces must be booked

All study spaces on campus now need to be booked in advance. This will ensure that the number of students in any one space is kept at a safe level. 

You can only use places that are designated and bookable study spaces. Empty classrooms can no longer be used.

All study spaces can be booked for up to four hours.

Book a place to study

Using a study space

Before you enter a study space

Wash or sanitise hands before entering a study space. Follow all instructional signage and maintain social distance from others.

If you feel that your work area has not been cleaned, please call for assistance using the phone number displayed on the desk.

You should always follow the how to come onto our campuses guidelines and help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Make sure you check in

You must check in when you arrive at your booking. To check in you can either:

  • Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code displayed on the desk at your seat number
  • Click the "Check me in/out" in your booking confirmation email

Leaving a study space

When leaving wipe down anything you have touched within your work area using the wipes provided. Take all your belongings with you and dispose of rubbish (e.g. wipes) in the bin.

If you leave your booking early, please check out using the same way you checked in. This lets us know the space is free so other students can book. If you don't check out, you will be checked out automatically when your booking finishes.

Cancelling a booking

You can cancel a booking at any time:

  1. Sign in to the booking system 
  2. Choose "Cancel booking" to cancel individual bookings, or "Cancel all bookings to cancel all your bookings.

Study spaces

Study spaces in the following areas are available to book:


The Albert Sloman Library has a wide range of learning resources; books, journals, British and foreign-newspapers, databases, microfilms and audio-visual materials. Quiet study areas are also available.

Opening hours

  • 10am - midnight: weekdays
  • 12pm - 8pm: weekends

Group study spaces 

Group study spaces are unavailable in the Autumn Term 2020.

Individual study spaces

58 individual study spaces are available to book in the Library Reading Room, including 41 with PCs. Ten of these PC spaces are for silent study.

21 individual study spaces are available to book in the Postgraduate Study Room, including nine with PCs.

Access to books are via a request service.

Find out more about Library services for the Autumn Term.

IT labs and PC study spaces

We have now re-opened some computer rooms on campuses with limited availability to meet University COVID-secure standards and social distancing guidelines.

There will be fewer computer rooms available this year as some have been reconfigured as teaching spaces. Remaining computer rooms will be available for individual study, but you must book a seat in advance.

Other teaching rooms

Individual study spaces are available to book from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm in the following rooms:

  • 2.404
  • 2.405
  • 2.406
  • 2.407
  • 2.414
  • 2.415
  • 2.416
  • 2.417
  • 2.418
  • 2.419
  • 2.420
  • 3.405
  • 3.405
  • 3.406
  • 3.407
  • 3.408
  • 3.409
  • 3.410
  • 3.411
  • 3.412
  • 3.413

In your department

Additional study space may be available in your department. Most departments also have a common room which is a great meeting space for you to use. They usually have tea and coffee making facilities, comfortable seating and some daily newspapers. You'll need to check with your department whether your common room is currently open. 

Contact your department to find out more. 

Postgraduate study spaces

Postgraduate common room

Essex has a dedicated Postgraduate common room for your use. Found in 5.401, it's open daily and is easily accessible from the Mathematics entrance (2NE) off square 2.

Library postgraduate study room

As a postgraduate student, there's a section on the library's ground floor dedicated just for you. It's a spacious, modern and quiet study room, including desks and seats. It's next to the paternoster and you'll have to scan your student card to enter and exit the room.

There are 21 individual study spaces available to book in the Postgraduate Study Room, including nine with PCs.

In your department

The majority of departments have a common room and also a dedicated space for your use as a postgraduate student. Contact your departmental administrator to find out more.

Empty teaching rooms

Empty teaching rooms can no longer be used as study spaces due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Student Services Hub
Need help?

If you need any further help and advice, please contact or visit the Student Services Hub who will be happy to assist you.