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Do you dream about what your future could look like? Wonder what roles you might apply for? Or are you curious about what other industries your degree could prepare you to work in? We're laying it all out in our ultimate subject career guides. If you want to find out how we'll support your career prep with next-level opportunities, this page covers it all. 

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Explore different roles:
Editor Cinematographer Theatre Director Playwright Screenwriter Investigative Journalist Documentary Filmmaker Content Strategist Casting Director Foreign Correspondent Film Historian
You'll get access to:
  • Networking events with industry leaders across the creative sector such as Warner Bros, The Illuminated Film Company and Saqui books
  • Masterclasses led by Editors, Social Media Managers, Production Managers and many others
  • Showcase your entrepreneurship and pitch projects that solve real-world problems to businesses and local arts experts

Get ahead with CV-boosting opportunities:

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