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An internship is an extracurricular temporary paid position within a company with an emphasis on exploration and skills development rather than just employment.  An paid internship gives you the chance to gain experience in a specific field, explore your interest in a particular career, develop new skills, create a network of contacts and help boost your confidence and your CV. Internships can be part-time while you study, or full-time outside of term-time and after graduation, and can vary in length from around six weeks to up to 12 months.

Key Information

  • You can join the scheme by completing our registration form.
  • Once you have joined, we will email you if we receive an internship that might be of interest. We cannot promise that we will find opportunities in your specific field, but we encourage employers to offer internships in a broad range of areas and an internship is a great way to try out a new role and develop new skills.
  • We advertise all our internships on CareerHub – so please do check on here regularly.
  • Employers will require you to provide proof of your Right to Work in the UK before you can commence any internship.
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