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Our executive education programmes empower organisations across the globe to turn ‘business as usual’ into something more productive.

Whether you’re looking to boost your own skills, develop your team, or embrace large-scale organisational change, you benefit from a business education, not merely training. Our programmes are offered by world-renowned University of Essex academics and leading associates from the private sector.

Executive education at Essex Business School is interactive and inspiring; you learn more when you construct, develop and share knowledge as a group. We develop you as an individual and equip you with knowledge that has a real impact on your organisation.

Our programmes

We can create bespoke learning packages based on your needs and sector, backed by insights from world-leading academics and industry practitioners.

What you learn is always relevant to your business goals. We understand that every business is different, so our bespoke learning packages are not one-size-fits all.

Examples include:

  • enrolling on a one-off module from our internationally-diverse, MBA – perfect for smaller groups
  • bespoke business tutoring, from a half day to regular sessions throughout the year, depending on your requirements

We work with you to develop hands-on solutions that meet your needs, develop your people and help your organisation flourish.

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Covid-19 video series for businesses

In our series of short videos, Dr James Fowler, Lecturer in Management at Essex Business School, University of Essex, talks you through leadership and communication in a crisis, leadership behaviour when exiting a crisis and long term resilience following a crisis.


The Essex MBA Degree Apprenticeship

The Degree Apprenticeship Essex MBA
 harnesses the daring and experimental spirit of the University of Essex to produce innovative business leaders and pro-active managers.


Employers: are you looking to upskill your staff?

The Essex MBA Degree Apprenticeship is a work-based learning programme targeted at managers and aspiring leaders where the apprentice's role and their workplace set the context for learning. The course will give your talent the opportunity to significantly improve their interpersonal and functional business skills and make a real contribution in their workplace as they apply their learning.

Your staff's studies are funded by your apprenticeship levy, meaning there are no up-front costs for them. This ensures that you have the opportunity to use your apprenticeship levy to support the professional development of your best talent.

You will need to agree to release your staff for regular teaching sessions over a period of two years. For the rest of the time, they are in work as normal.

Find out more about utilising your apprenticeship levy by visiting our Apprenticeship hub.

Employees: are you looking to progress up the career ladder?

If you join us on the Degree Apprenticeship Essex MBA your studies are funded by your employer’s apprenticeship levy so there are no upfront costs to you. You’ll study part-time and will enjoy the flexibility to complete your Essex MBA alongside employment. Our MBAs are encouraged to utilise live work projects so that you see the benefits to your organisation almost immediately.

Essex MBAs study a broad range of business topics and learn the fundamentals of management and leadership. We foster the experimental spirit of our students, so that you can build sustainable, resilient business models that make sense to shareholders and the environment. Our MBAs explore the impact of internationalisation on businesses, suppliers and customers and gain the skills to lead in increasingly demanding marketplaces.

"We help leaders to innovate in order to protect their business in times of change, whilst still finding opportunities for growth."
Professor Nicolas Forsans Head of EXECUTIVE EDUCATION


Cancellation policy

Cancellations within 21 days of the start date of our open and bespoke programmes will be liable for 100% of the programme fees.

Programme content changes

Our research-led teaching is continually evolving to address the latest business challenges and breakthroughs in the field. To ensure our executive education programmes are as relevant and up-to-date as possible, the course content may be subject to change.